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Spring is in the Hair

by Cameron Willetts  |  17th Mar, 2020

The Combers Inside-Out hair consultation invites you to explore colours and hairstyles that trigger positive emotions, so we can ensureREAD MORE >


by Simon  |  13th Mar, 2020

We take pride in the cleanliness of the Salon and are being even more vigilant during this time. As youREAD MORE >


by Simon  |  28th Feb, 2020

Hair expert Simon Combers, introduces Cameron Willetts, who has now been promoted to the premier league at Combers Inside-Out CameronREAD MORE >

10 Years Younger

by Simon  |  6th Feb, 2020

5 reasons why your hair may be putting years on you Perceptive design Have a look at the two diagramsREAD MORE >

Sustainable Beauty

by Simon  |  17th Nov, 2019

Let’s Face it, as humans we have amongst other unique attributes the ability to make conscious choices. You may, likeREAD MORE >

London Street Fashion

by Simon  |  17th Oct, 2019

The Autumn catwalks and shops are full of the latest styles, colours and designs. From hair to shoes, coats toREAD MORE >

Are you over 50?

by Simon  |  17th Oct, 2019

A friend told me that on the morning his wife turned Fifty, she put her arms around him and snuggledREAD MORE >

What is Good Service?

by Simon  |  17th Aug, 2019

When booking a holiday, restaurant or purchasing a product online most of us look at customer reviews to guide us.READ MORE >

Travel. Education . Inspiration

by Simon  |  17th Jul, 2019

After several years of very attractive “commercial” venues, Davines, the leading sustainable beauty brand featured at Combers, has brought it’sREAD MORE >