Important….please read before you attend your hair appointments over the coming months. Policies are subject to review and change over these uncertain times and we thank you for your understanding and support..

It is important to revisit our website before each appointment

We will not put you, other guests or our team at unnecessary risk, so please read and comply with our simple guidelines of shared responsibility for your safety, so that your hair service can go ahead as scheduled. 

UPDATE: February 24th 2022

In light of the guidelines from Thursday 22nd February 2022, other than the normal high standards of sanitisation you would expect for the safety of both our team and our guests at Combers Inside-out hairdressing and Outside-in Academy, we will continue to take a cautious approach. We appreciate that everyones level of risk and concern may vary especially to the wearing of a face mask. We would like to return to normal as soon as possible as masks hinder our ability to cut and balance haircuts not to mention our ability to engage in the full range of communication that is the first and most vital tool of the Inside-Out hairdresser. The default position will continue to be that both Guest and stylist wear a face mask. However we would encourage you to discuss one to one with your stylist regarding removing your facemask and that of your stylist/technician. Mutual understanding and respect has always been vital in any relationship and the Combers Inside Out Hairdresser knows the true value of their relationship with you, their guest and how both parties should feel comfortable and safe as an absolute minimum requirement when you are in our salon.

Thank you for your contined support and understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns please email hello@combersinsideout.co.uk or telephone the salon on 01823 334331