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Balayage Hair Colouring

by Beckie Lyons  |  3rd Sep, 2018

Balayage has become the most popular form of adding secondary or tertiary colours to a natural hair or mono tonedREAD MORE >

Cut and blow dry works as well as any medicine?

by Simon  |  17th Mar, 2018

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR:  “When a cut and blow dry works as well as any medicine” Read more: 

Power of Nature

by Simon  |  19th Feb, 2018

As time goes by, hair, just like our skin, is subject to inevitable physiological and aesthetic changes. But there isREAD MORE >

New year – New Colour

by Simon  |  2nd Jan, 2018

A new hair colour can make you appear  younger looking, more sophisticated, and completely change how you feel.  An impulsiveREAD MORE >