Combers Hairdressing

New year – New Colour

by Simon  |  2nd Jan, 2018

A new hair colour can make you appear  younger looking, more sophisticated, and completely change how you feel.  An impulsiveREAD MORE >

The First hair Salon

by Simon  |  30th May, 2017

Combers 1982 AD adopted a strap line ….’ bringing out the best in you’ and it has become a tribeREAD MORE >


by Simon  |  24th Feb, 2017

IT’S ok – no need to SHOUT I hear what you say. Please, please, Simon, let’s have no more aboutREAD MORE >

Happy New World

by Simon  |  31st Dec, 2016

When a critical mass wake from apathy, question convention and know absolutely that change starts only when we do, howeverREAD MORE >