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Hairdressers…..You’re Country WILL Need You

By Simon   |   14th April 2020

The best way I know to improve mental health is to give yourself the best chance of experiencing a feeling of achievement everyday. For us as hairdressers, that feeling is heightened 10 fold as we are able to have a positive impact on others everyday in our chosen career

At Combers inside-out, we strive to master the art. Not of hairdressing, because that is a given, but the ‘Art of difference making.’

Hairdressers, like much  of the country have been asked to self isolate. Unlike Spain hairdressers are not seen as an essential service…..Well not yet!

We are told, the best we can do to help others is to self isolate so we don’t become the source of the virus and protect the Health services from being overwhelmed. 

Human Being or Human Doer?

This can be frustrating and effect our mental health as we feel happiest as human doers not human beings. With the house spring cleaned, garden landscaped (well garden dug and lawn cut) and more daily exercise and meditation than I have ever found daily time for, I still feel something is missing.  

Cameron Willetts cleared our shelves of Davines shampoos and conditioners to gift them to Musgrove Park Hospital NHS Covid-19 front line…..The team at Combers share the nations mood and appreciate and thank you for all you are doing.

 With many facing life threatening conditions, the Health serviced’s World wide are working so diligently, maxed out carrying the heavy load. I’m not able to feel that my enforced isolation is having a tangible benefit on others in the way I and so many of us are used to. At the same time, I look at my immediate family who live with me and speak to my Mother, Brother, friends and extended family online and know I should feel a sense of gratitude that we are all well.

I am not sure as I write this what phase of the Uk Government’s strategy we are currently in, but I am certain of one thing. When we reach the phase where we are allowed to rebuild our lives and get back to a semblance of normality, and all able do our thing to make a difference to society, contribute, and socialise, we will surly all be grateful.

Lifting the Lockdown

The experts say that the recovery stage will be slow and take many months.

This maybe the case for the economy, as some businesses will find it tough and may not ever be the same especially in the UK high street where many retail businesses were on life support before the close down. 

However human spirit is such that we will want to bounce back. We are at our happiest when we can decide our own social distance and for many that requires touch and closer interaction. I look forward to once again deciding where I go, when and with who.

We need Colour

The Health and emergency services will always be the number one essential service, especially when it comes to survival.

But a healthy, balanced and exiting life is more nuanced than just surviving and there are many essential services that we are all missing that add colour to our lives.

As we step out of our homes with a new purpose, one that extends beyond exercise and food shopping, once again able to wear cloths we had forgotten and take a final check in the mirror, we will only have one essential service on our mind.

Calling all Hairdressers 

Hairdressers – where ever you are in the World, your community will need you. You will be the new essential service. Your country expects you to do your duty and do what you do best….

The simple yet affordable luxury of beautiful hair and the skill of a first class professional hairdresser will never be more valued and like our freedom, be more appreciated……Although I speak for our wonderful team at Combers Inside-Out in Taunton, Somerset England, I know I speak for all hairdressers across the world when I say to each of our respective guests or clients  “We  value and appreciate you and can’t wait to see you again”

We will Flatten the Curve

In answer to the many direct messages and emails, I would like to reassure all our guests at Combers, that as soon as we know we can reopen, we will contact all who have missed their appointments as a priority and open extra hours to accommodate all our regular guests and welcome first time visitors who simply wish to treat themselves once again to a luxury hair service with a Combers Professional hair consultant.

Yes, the answer is Yes, we are prepared to open 7 days a week. We all now know how in to flatten a curve and avoid a peak. We don’t want to get overwhelmed but we certainly cant wait to see you and will take the example set for us these past weeks by our NHS and do whatever it takes!