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POST COVID-19 OPPORTUNITIES at Combers Outside-In Academy

By Combers   |   23rd April 2020

Therapy rooms to rent

Hairdressing…Self employment with education.

Covid-19 presents problems for some businesses but if you wish to discuss opportunities in confidence message Simon on facebook @combershairsalon or call 07775666812

Hairdressers, therapists, beauticians, nail techs, Tattoo artists and piercing specialists to name a few that may be first back to work and will all be required to respect social distancing while presenting a professional attitude to their profession. If you have concerns that this may not be possible where you currently work or do not feel respected as a professional please call me.


We have opportunities for self employed hairdressers to include bespoke ongoing education packages. I appreciate that because of the lockdown you may have financial concerns, and you may feel it not the right time to make a new move, but the world has changed and perhaps you should to. I have put together some beneficial startup packages you are sure to love.

Message Simon on FB @combersshairsalon or 07775 666 812

Therapy rooms

We have 3 rooms to rent ……and now may be your best opportunity to make a move and join us. I have put together some wonderful rent free packages to help get you back up and running after such a long lockdown period….I promise to look at every application in confidence assuring you that professionalism and the right mix of business offering are primary in my consideration… what ever your specialism, call for a chat.

message simon on FB @combershairsalon or 07775666812 in strict confidence