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Post – Lock down hair

By Simon   |   17th August 2020

I call it the Richard Branson Syndrome.

No offence to the great man, but I’ve noticed a few Branson impersonators walking around the post-lockdown streets.

After months without a haircut, many people seem to have convinced themselves that their long, straggly hair really is what they love. The fact the colour has also washed out is also dismissed as something to be admired, a belief aided by a glass of wine or two and family that will say anything to cheer you up

However while Mr. Branson might attend an important business meeting with untidy hair and dressed in a woolly jumper, people are discovering that is the exception rather than the new norm.

Most people are shaking off months of quarantine fog and recognising that they do in fact choose their cut, style and colour for themselves. Wearing clothes again that haven’t been out of the wardrobe for three months  proves this beyond doubt. 

Sorry, but that unkempt look and grey streaks mixed with the remnants of a colour just do not work with your smart clothes,or any clothes as our hair is often our mood maker.

And where better to get back to what you want when it comes to your hair than a professional hairdresser who you value for their skill and advice? Yes, lockdown has shown that a haircut is not a treat but a necessity.

What Does a New Survey Reveal?

I read an interesting survey this week which looked at the effects of lockdown on mental health and general wellbeing. Whilst there were varied responses depending on social and economic circumstances, many people discovered things about themselves and others that they had not realised.

       *     Your hair does affect your mood and behaviour more than you thought.

       *      You can dress to impress and to suit a particular situation, but your hair is personal.

       *     After lockdown, people were keener to get a haircut than to visit the pub

       *    Half of women questioned said they would rather pay for a professional hair cut than buy new shoes or a handbag.  

Fear of Going to a Salon

The survey also discovered many people had a real fear about returning to a salon.

 At Combers, we understand people are concerned.

That’s why our staff have been taking online courses in health and hygiene as well as their normal diet of ongoing inspirational hairdressing education offered online.

Safety First

All hairdressers are now wearing PPE and Visors and responsibly social distancing you from other guests using half of their available chairs.

At Combers ‘Inside out’, this is made easier because we operate over three floors and our graduate academy ‘Combers Outside in’ is also now available. 

We also have private rooms for the very vulnerable on request and unlike many salons and indeed businesses and restaurants we have resisted the temptation of raising our prices as we welcome back and appreciate all our guests at this time more than ever.

Welcome back – and that includes Mr. Branson!