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Protect Your Hair This Summer At Combers

By Simon   |   17th June 2019

THE main topic of social conversation at Combers right now is, you guessed it, holidays.

Some people have been on theirs already, some are jetting off soon while others want to go again.

But as you pack your bags this summer and dream of faraway beaches or exotic sightseeing trips, remember, you don’t need to take a holiday from your hair care routine.

Most of us like what the sun does to the colour of our skin even though we know it is damaging. Sun on hair has no benefit as it messes with your colour and causes immense damage resulting in reduced elasticity, body, shine and in some cases breakage.

At Combers we use and recommend the eco and sustainably friendly Davines SU / Sun care range for hair and body


What is it: A multi-benefit shampoo that moisturises and protects hair and skin after sun.

Features & Benefits: Gently cleanses the hair &body after sun. Protects hair & skin integrity and hydrates. Develops into rich foam

How to use: Apply to wet hair and body . massage ing gently and rinse. Repeat. Proceed with follow up SU treatments according to needs. £16.00


What is it: A complete anti-age treatment for hair damaged by the sun, chlorine and salt.

Features & Benefits: Restores softness, hydration and gloss to even the driest, dullest hair.

How to use: Apply allover hair after washing with SU hair and body wash. Leave it to work for 5-15 minutes or leave in over night. Rinse of thoroughly. £18.50


What is it: Multi-use leave-in spray cream for hair, ideal both during and after sun exposure.

Features & Benefits: Protective UVA/B filters maintain the hair’s integrity during sun exposure. Light texture, conditions the hair without weighing it down.

How to use: During sun exposure, spray on dry or wet hair. After sun: spray all over hair after shampoo, comb and distribute evenly. Leave it on. £18.60


What is it: A soft and silky cream that prepares the skin for exposure to the sun.

Features & Benefits: Intensifies and accelerates the normal skin pigmentation process naturally. Hydrates and nourishes the skin thanks to extract of chin otto from a slow precidium and Argan oil rich in vitamins E and A

How to use: Apply to skin with a gentle massage before or after sun exposure as a sunscreen base  (no SPF) £21.50


What is it: After sun body moisturiser in gel texture

Features & benefits: Moisturises and restores skins hydration, thanks to Argan oil  which is rich in vitamin E and A. Soothes thanks to Chinotto from slow food presidia and Aloe Vera.

How to use: Apple with a gentle massage after sun exposure. £21.50


What is it: Water-Resistant sun cream with high UVA/UVB protection.

Features & Benefits: Prevents dehydration and protects against photo-ageing signs

How to use: Apply generously before sun exposure. reapply frequently. Avoid contact with eyes. £18.50