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Sometimes all it takes is a new hairdo to make you look and feel better about yourself.  A new hairstyle or colour can give you new-found confidence, lift your mood, and even help you get rid of some emotional baggage! 

Plus, you know you can trust the Combers Inside-Out  Hairstylists to make you look and feel fabulous.  We always consult and listen to you before recommending so you are always assured that a new hairstyle or colour will suit you and 'fit the brief'. Of course, our customary warm welcome and service is always a given!

So, read on to find out the four key ways we can transform your hair. Then give us a call on 01823 334 331 or book online to get yourself that coveted hair appointment at Combers!


Some people are terrified of normal hairdressers who perhaps have a reputation to be 'scissor happy' and chop away at your hair willy-nilly.  Fear of change is natural and a change in hairstyle is no different, but our bespoke Inside-Out Consultation is designed to ensure that our consultations are more than just a chat, although chatting we can do, we just ensure you do most of it and we listen.

Bring in pictures, and don’t be embarrassed if they are celebrities as many are on trend and discussing pictures of people whose personas we know are the best way to communicate what we would love to achieve for ourselves, with our hair. Our consultations facilitate this and help us to achieve your ultimate hairstyle! 

We might suggest simply cutting away a few split ends to give you fresh, silky hair or maybe your hair could benefit from longer or shorter layers to give the right shape to complement your head shape and more bounce and movement, but maybe, just maybe you opt for change.

Layered hairstyles are popular right now with choppy layers that look equally great on short, mid-length or long hair.  Messy bobs and short hairstyles are also trending and we'll always help you with styling advice so you can look after your hair beautifully at home. 


Life's too short for boring hair and what better way to change your look than a new hair colour, especially on the eve of a new season?! We can create just about any colour you desire from bold and vivid shades to pretty pastel hues.  Sometimes all it takes is a few subtle highlights,  to pep up your hair.  Blonde balayage and money piece face-framing highlights remain popular too - subtle, low-maintenance, gorgeous hair colours designed to bring out the best in you and your hairstyle. 


... and check out our special offer for September, October & November!

Show your hair some love with a regular treatment. Our Davines take-home treatments called The Circle Chronicles are a luxury treat anytime but perfect to transition your Summer hair into Autumn. Our hair treatments target different hair and scalp issues to help restore your hair to a happy and healthy state - so, when you book your next appointment, don't forget this special offer and remember to book a treatment just before a hair cutting or styling appointment or just after a colour appointment. Your stylist can recommend the best treatment solution for your hair and scalp profile.  

We love working with Davines luxury hair treatments that use natural ingredients and are largely vegan.  The OLAPLEX hair repair treatment is also excellent, and because of its dominance to restore protein and repair broken bonds in the hair, it will transform the most damaged hair. 

Treat Your Hair With Our Autumn Offer

Just imagine, a hair mask for every occasion and every hair type! Well, that's exactly what we're offering with The Circle Chronicles from Davines. Available as an in-salon treatment and as a take-home treatment, these individual masks are targeted to your hair and scalp needs.

During September, October and November, book an in-salon Circle Chronicles treatment with your next hair appointment at a cost of £15.50 and we will give you the take-home sachet for FREE (normal cost is £10.50).

Most people get up to 3 uses per pack and they are perfectly sized to fit into your carry-on luggage when you travel! 



No matter how hard you try, it can be tricky getting your hair looking fabulous at the back, sides and front when doing it yourself!  Let us help!  We can create intricate braided hairstyles, messy buns, complex upstyles and, of course, the ultimate professional blow dry.