Hair Colour

hair colour creatives in Taunton at Combers Inside Out Hairdressing Salon



Cruelty-Free & Vegan Too! 

With so many incredible hair colours and shades out there, we want you to feel empowered to express who you want to be with a fabulous hair colour that is bespoke for you. 

Our colourists at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing in Taunton are super skilled and up-to-date with the latest fashions and trends but our main aim is to make sure your hair colour and hairstyle work for YOU.

Our hair consultations are second to none and we'll even give you tips to keep your hair looking wonderful at home!

Hair colour looks different when it's dry and smooth, which is why it's important to book a finish (blow dry) with your hair colour.  You can then see the finished look... and your hair colour will be covered by our 7-day no-quibble guarantee.

The price you pay is based on skill and time and we'll always be open and honest about how much, how long and what to expect.  If we choose to use a blend of several colours to create the gorgeous multi-dimensional look you've been dreaming of, fear not... the price will not change.

You'll find our unique hair colour bar on the second floor of our Taunton salon but, if stairs are a challenge, we can tend to your needs downstairs instead.  Just let our front of house know when you book your appointment.

Safety First! 

Let's get serious for a moment.  We are here to make you look and feel beautiful inside and out so it's important we carry out a simple skin 'patch' test to make sure you are not allergic or sensitive to the hair colour products we use. 

If you are a new guest visiting Combers for a hair colour, or you have not had a colour service with us for 6 months or longer, please arrange a 5-minute appointment to come into the salon for a free allergy alert test or buy a one-off ColourStart patch test kit. Ideally, you should fit this in around 10 days before your colour appointment but at the very least, 48 hours before your visit.  



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Cruelty-Free Hair Colour

While Davines products are not certified vegetarian or vegan, the majority of their products contain no animal-derived ingredients.  None of Davines’ ingredients, formulations, or finished products are tested on animals.

They also have a fabulous hair colour line that contains no ammonia. No-one likes breathing in those nasty ammonia smells, so why not try the Davines 'A New Colour' range which offers total coverage and perfect lifting if you fancy going a few shades lighter or brighter.  

These hair colours are made with natural anti-oxidants for long-lasting, shiny hair colours that come in a multitude of different shades.  Chat with your friendly and professional colourist at Combers in Taunton to find out which colour may be right for you.


Beautiful Balayage

Blonde balayage at Combers Salon in Taunton Somerset

No doubt you've heard of balayage - one of the most asked-for hair colours around. 

With balayage we can create a completely bespoke look for you, adding personalised colour tones from subtle multi-tonal effects through to full-on tone-on-tone traffic-stopping looks.

Sun-kissed blonde balayage is the most popular look, but why stop there?  The balayage effect is available in all sorts of colours - even fashion shades!

For those who want to dip their toe into hair colour for the first time, how about some face-framing highlights? 

Bear in mind that balayage is NOT simply a case of adding highlights.  You will need to book a free consultation so we can get this right for you. 

We Know Our Onions!

(and how to correct your hair colour disasters)

We know it can sometimes be tempting to try a supermarket hair colour at home.  Let's be honest - a box dye costs less than a professional hair colour appointment and it can sometimes work out well on virgin hair (albeit a bit one-dimensional and flat). 

For those who have experienced an at-home hair colour disaster, please let us help. We'll make no judgement because we really do want what's right for you and your hair. 

One of our experienced colourists will assess your hair and chat to you about the colour you really want before recommending the best course of action to go from drab to fab!  Hair colour correction is a science and an art so please book a complimentary consultation.



Bold & Brave Hair Colours

No-one wants ordinary or 'same same', do they? Be bold and beautiful with a hair colour that turns heads for all the right reasons!  Using the latest colours from sustainable & professional hair colour house Davines, we can create a stunning array of hair colours. 

Think bright red, denim blue, powerful purple, gorgeous green... or pretty pastels including baby pinks and luscious lilacs. In fact, all the colours of the rainbow are at your disposal at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing in Taunton! 

For those trying a new hair colour for the first time, please book a complimentary hair colour consultation so we can chat it through and tell you exactly what to expect. 


These FAQs are not a substitute for professional advice. For specific concerns or persistent issues, consult with a hair care professional or a dermatologist.

Which hair colour services are popular?


Popular hair colours include natural balayage, dimensional blondes, and rich, warm brunettes. Highlights are always in fashion but the application method can vary with trends.

Where can I find a reputable hair colour specialist?


Look no further! Our Inside-Out team of highly skilled colour specialists at Combers hair salon in the Courtyard St James Street, Taunton stay updated with the latest techniques and trends in hair colouring.

What is the process for booking a hair colour appointment at Combers?


Booking an appointment is easy! You can call us directly or download our convenient online booking app to select your preferred date and time and manage your appointment.

How can I maintain my hair colour between salon visits?


To maintain your hair colour Combers' Inside-Out colourists recommend using sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners designed for colour-treated hair. We also offer customised at-home care recommendations.

Are there eco-friendly hair colouring options available?


Yes, we offer eco-conscious hair colouring options. Ask our Inside-Out colour specialists about environmentally-friendly and sustainable products for your next appointment.

Can I get a free hair colour consultation in Taunton?


Absolutely! Combers' experienced colourists will assess your hair, discuss your desired look, and provide expert recommendations.

How do I choose a hair colour for my skin tone?


When selecting a hair colour, it's important to consider your skin's undertones. Our skilled colourists will help you choose a shade that complements your complexion perfectly.

How long does a typical hair colouring session take?


The duration of a hair colouring session depends on the specific service and your hair's condition. On average, it can range from 1.5 to 3 hours.

Can I see examples of your hair colouring work?


Certainly! Visit our social media pages to view a showcase of our talented colourists' work. You'll find a variety of styles, from subtle highlights to vibrant transformations. For inspiration follow our blogs.

Can you help with colour correction if I have had my colour ruined at another salon?


Absolutely, we specialise in colour correction. We'll need to assess your hair before booking to provide an accurate estimate. Our skilled colourists are experienced in rectifying hair colour mishaps and restoring your hair to its desired look.