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Get A Haircut You LOVE At Combers Hairdressing In Taunton

When you visit Combers, we want you to feel special, pampered and never rushed.

That's why we set aside plenty of time to do your hair.  We will allocate 1 hour for ladies and 45 minutes for gentlemen when you visit us for a cut and finish.

Before your haircut, we will take the time to discuss your hair goals with you and afterward, we will give you a professional blow dry or finish, including tips on how to achieve your style at home. 

In order to give you our 7-day no-quibble guarantee it is essential we cut your hair while it is wet, and finish it off with a professional dry.  We can then check our work, personalise and tweak your hairstyle to ensure you are completely happy before you leave.

For many of our guests, having their hair shampooed and conditioned is a real treat.  We will choose and select the correct shampoo and conditioner and or treatment for the integrity of your hair and scalp - that's all part of the Combers service. 

Then it's a chance for you to put your feet up and enjoy our automated back massage chairs (optional, but divine), while we cleanse your hair in our relaxing backwash area.

This service takes place in the main cut and styling zone upstairs. We also have a cutting zone on the ground floor to ensure those that find stairs a challenge, receive the same first-class service.

The Elephant In The Room

We want you to absolutely love your hairstyle and colour but, let's face it, it can sometimes be a bit awkward telling your stylist the look they've created is not quite right. 

During our in-depth consultation, we are both getting to know each other and your stylist uses their experience to balance your hairstyle with your hair texture and growth patterns and your ability to manage your look.  Whilst we intend to make every appointment meet your expectations, in order to exceed them we require your feedback...this is never more true than on your first appointment

If you are not completely satisfied with your hair when you get home, or perhaps you are struggling to style it yourself, please call us back immediately and we will arrange for a follow-up appointment. You can either chat through with your stylist on the phone or come back in so we can make any necessary tweaks.

No elephant in the room - just happy solutions.


Take A Walk On The Wild Side With A Wolf Cut!

Retro hairstyles are back in fashion and layered looks are a top choice if you want an on-trend hairstyle. Adding layers to your hairstyle will give it a better shape, more movement and bounce.  They can even make your hair look full of volume!

For a seriously on-trend hairstyle try a Wolf Cut which is a playful combination of the Mullet and the Shag hairstyle.  Layers will be cut into your hair, often leaving it a little shorter on top, and feathered around the face. 

The Modern Mullet is also popular if you want a cool, edgy look with longer layers at the back and short, choppy texturised hair around the sides and front.  For a Shag hairstyle, expect longer layers and more feathering, with fullness around the crown.

It's A Classic!

The Bob Haircut

What's not to love about the bob?  It's been around for decades and still remains incredibly popular.  We think this is because it is a surprisingly versatile hairstyle that suits most face shapes.

The bob haircut can be defined as a one-length haircut that usually sits around the jawline and is cut with absolute precision.  You can wear it with or without a fringe and can style it in multiple ways including straight & sleek, curly, wavy, or slicked back. 

Over the years we've pushed the bob's boundaries and taken it on a little journey.  Today anything goes.  We can add layers, create a super short cheekbone-skimming bob, a long bob also known as a lob or pob (posh bob - thank you, Victoria Beckham!), graduated layers, an A-shape with longer lengths around your face...   



Short, Chic & Sassy Hairstyles 

It takes confidence to go from long to short hair, but here's the rub - short hair can make you feel more confident. It's classically an outside- in moment where what you do on the outside affects how you feel and present on the inside.

Many hang on to long hair as a comfort or familiarity or because an early association from a casual well-meaning comment such as "your hair looks beautiful" rather than "you look beautiful" (as it's often easier to say something less personal).

Short hair that's designed with care and attention can make your features and eye colour 'pop'.  Sure there is nowhere to hide, but if you have always had that inside thought "I wish people noticed me", then show us some pictures and have a free no obligation chat to an inside-out specialist.

It could change your life.  Yes, a haircut can be this catalyst!


To Fringe Or Not To Fringe...?


Just as your lashes and brows can enhance your face, a fringe can have a huge impact for such a small change (as long as you don't do it yourself or you're not asking someone to cut it because it's in your eyes!)

The fringe is arguably the most important design line of your hair cut and should not be an after thought.

Traditional fringes should be an on-purpose consideration, bespoke and with style - and your design stylist should be the only one who cuts it.

Your stylist can assess which fringe will suit you, your hairstyle and hair texture.  The good news is there are lots of different styles to choose from including short blunt fringes, bangs that skim your eyes, and side-sweeping fringes.

Of course, we'll give you tips and tricks to ensure your fringe always looks its best, but let's talk it through first so we can make sure we create the best-looking and best-behaving fringe for you.  

Wedding Hair Experts in Taunton at Combers Salon

Wedding Hair Ideas (in salon or on location)

A wedding, prom or party deserves a fancy hairstyle so make Combers Hairdressers in Taunton your first stop if you are looking for a special occasion hairstyle.

We can create beautiful upstyles, detailed plaited hairstyles, straight & sleek blow-dries, and gorgeous wavy hair.  We can weave jewels, flowers, veils and tiaras into your hair and can also recommend some fabulous looks to complement your outfit.

For all the brides out there, we have one word of advice.  Please book a bridal hair consultation a few months in advance of your special day.  Together we can work out some bridal hairstyles that will wow your guests (and your other half!)

Bridal hair trials are also a great idea for the bride and her bridesmaids.  By trying your hairstyle out in advance of your wedding day, you can relax in the knowledge your hair will look amazing when you say 'I do'.


These Q&As are intended to address common questions concerns and are not a substitute for professional advice. Consult with a hair care professional or a dermatologist if you are having persistent problems with your hair or scalp.

How do you approach cutting hair differently at Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing compared to other salons?


At Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing, we believe in a foundation-based approach to hair design.
We understand that the key to a perfect cut lies in mastering the fundamentals of hair structure and
perceptive design. This allows us to create personalised styles that complement individual hair
textures, ensuring a tailored look that suits you.

What sets Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing apart when it comes to understanding different hair textures?


Our stylists at Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing are extensively trained to recognise and work with
diverse hair textures. We believe that a deep understanding of texture is crucial for achieving a
haircut that not only looks great in the salon but also works effortlessly for you in your everyday life.

How do you handle cutting corrections for clients unhappy with their current haircuts?


At Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing, we specialise in cutting correction. Our expertise lies in de-engineering haircuts to identify what needs to be adjusted for a perfect result. This process is rooted in our commitment to the foundations of hair design, ensuring you leave the salon with a look you're thrilled with.

Can you tell me more about the importance of understanding the foundations of hair design?


Understanding the foundations of hair design is at the core of what we do at Combers-Inside Out
Hairdressing. It allows us to approach each haircut with precision and purpose, ensuring that every
snip is intentional. This knowledge empowers us to create styles that not only look fantastic but
also grow out beautifully.

What kind of hair care products do you recommend for maintaining a salon-quality look at home?


At Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing, we believe in providing our clients with the tools they need to
maintain their style at home. Our stylists can recommend the best products for your specific hair
type and style, ensuring you can recreate that salon-fresh look every day.

How do you ensure that a haircut complements a client's face shape?


We take face shape into careful consideration during every consultation at Combers-Inside Out
Hairdressing. Understanding the contours of your face allows us to create a cut that enhances your
natural features, resulting in a look that's uniquely yours.

What are the most popular hair trends right now?


Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in hair design.
However, we also understand the importance of tailoring these trends to fit your lifestyle. Our
stylists can adapt any trend to suit your preferences and daily routine.

How do you achieve a great haircut?


Perceptive design at Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing delves into the intricate relationship
between hair, colour, and face shape. It involves recognising how these elements, when
strategically placed or altered, can enhance or minimise specific features. For instance, the length
of hair can even impact the perceived height or width of shoulders. Our skilled stylists understand
that getting these design lines right is crucial, as it directly influences the perception of your overall
look. Just as choosing to wear a black outfit can create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette,
perceptive design harnesses these principles to craft a hairstyle that complements your unique

How do you ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience for clients?


At Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing, we prioritise your comfort and relaxation. Our salon is
designed to provide a tranquil environment where you can unwind while our skilled stylists work
their magic. From the moment you step in, our goal is to make you feel pampered and at ease.

What does it mean to be an 'Inside-Out' hairdresser?


At Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing, we believe that a haircut should not only look fantastic but
also resonate with your inner self. We're dedicated to crafting styles that harmonize with your
lifestyle and personality, which is why we're known as 'Inside-Out' hairdressers. This means that
we consider not only the technical aspects of haircutting but also your individuality and authenticity.
We understand that a haircut is at its best when it reflects who you are from the inside out, rather
than adhering solely to design principles. This approach ensures that your hairstyle feels like an
extension of your true self, allowing you to wear it with confidence and pride.

Could you provide me with directions to Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing?


Certainly! You can find us at The Courtyard, St James Street, Taunton Somerset. We're excited to
welcome you to our salon for an exceptional hair experience that's rooted in the art and science of
hair design.