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Smooth Hair

With Keratin Hair Smoothing At Combers Salon In Taunton

Taming frizzy hair is no easy feat so if you're struggling to get your hair under control, a keratin treatment might be just what you need.  

We have 40 years of living, learning and breathing all things HAIR. We are the hair experts and so we know how best to transform your hair.

If heat and humidity turn your curls into a lion's mane,  maybe it's time to show your hair who's in charge by having a fabulous bhave keratin hair smoothing treatment.

While results vary per hair type, we can guarantee a reduction in frizz to give you manageable, easy-to-style hair that lasts for months. 

Keratin treatments - often called Brazilian Blow Dries - are designed to smooth your hair so that it's easier to brush, style and dry.  The keratin protein in bhave treatments coats the hair and smooths the cuticle to give you smoother, shinier hair. 

The results we achieve will depend on your hair type so let us carry out a strand test a few days before your appointment.  Some guests find they are able to "wash & go" after a keratin treatment, while others may still need to use a hairdryer to activate the keratin for a smooth result.

Please note:  If you find stairs a challenge, we can tend to your needs on the ground floor. Just let our front of house know when you book your appointment.

bhave keratin treatments at Combers Salon in Taunton

Poker Straight Hair

Or Keep The Curl?

A bhave keratin treatment is ideal for guests who have curly or frizzy hair that they feel is out of control. 

Our bhave smoothing therapy is heat activated and smooths the hair cuticle to make it more manageable and quicker to drive.  It does not permanent change the internal structure of your hair and will wash out slowly over time.

Our expert stylists will get to know you during a consultation, where they can dig deeper into why you want a keratin hair smoothing treatment and what look you want to achieve from this.

You may come into your consultation thinking you want straighter hair. However, it could be that you actually want smoother hair and rather like your curls.  We will always listen to you to find what you truly want to achieve with your hair.

Life isn't perfect - but your hair can be!

Banish the frizz, flyaways and unruly curls with our brilliant keratin treatment. 

Be the smoothie you've always wanted to be!

Frizz-Free Hair For Up To Four Months

Keratin treatments near me in Taunton

You can now say goodbye to fly-aways and frizzy hair with the latest Bhave keratin treatment at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing in Taunton.

Yes, it's true... we can help your hair to behave by reducing frizz from your hairstyle for that almost airbrushed look. The results last up to four months (with care) and in some cases we can reduce curl by up to 80%.

If it's just your fringe that you struggle with, we can do an isolated hair-smoothing treatment on that area. Thanks to the keratin in this treatment, your hair will also be strong enough for a colouring treatment on the same day if that is what you would like. 

Keratin treatments near me in Taunton

Some Answers To Your Hair Smoothing FAQs

For a full head treatment on shoulder-length hair, a keratin hair smoothing treatment usually takes around 3 hours.  While that may sound like a long time, just think about the time you will save on drying your hair over the next few months!

As for colouring your hair, we recommend that any lightening services (especially a full or half head of highlights) are applied BEFORE your keratin smoothing service. Bleach will strip out the keratin and negate the results.

It's OK to have a few scattered highlights or foil root touch-ups AFTER your keratin treatment and you can definitely tint or tone your hair after your .keratin smoothing service.


If you have any hair concerns, please consult with a hair care professional or a dermatologist.

What is a Keratin Smoothing Treatment, and how does it work?


A Keratin Smoothing Treatment, also known as the Brazilian blowout, is a hair treatment that infuses keratin protein into the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and smoothing the hair. It works by forming a protective layer around each strand, leaving the hair shinier and more manageable.

What are the benefits of getting a Keratin Smoothing Treatment?


The treatment eliminates frizz, reduces styling time, and leaves the hair looking smoother and
shinier. It also helps to make the hair more resistant to humidity, making it an excellent choice for
those with unruly or frizzy hair.

How long does the Keratin Smoothing Treatment take, and how long will the results last?


The treatment typically takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the length and thickness of your
hair. The results can last up to 3 to 5 months with proper care and maintenance.

What is the process involved in a Keratin Smoothing Treatment?


The process begins with a thorough shampoo and conditioning. The keratin solution is then applied
and left on for a specific duration. Afterward, the hair is blow-dried and flat-ironed to seal in the

Is formaldehyde used in the Keratin Smoothing Treatment, and is it safe?


In the past, some formulations included formaldehyde, but at Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing, we
use formaldehyde-free formulas to ensure safety and comfort for our clients. This change aligns
with European standards for hair treatments.

Why is it important to have a consultation before getting a Keratin Smoothing Treatment?


A consultation helps us assess your hair type, condition, and specific needs. This ensures we
select the right treatment and customise it to achieve the best results for you.

Can I get a Keratin Smoothing Treatment right after colouring my hair?


We recommend waiting at least two weeks after colouring your hair before getting a Keratin
Smoothing Treatment. Applying the treatment on freshly coloured hair can potentially cause colour
fading, as when it is infused into the hair it will displace the colour molecules. We recommend
having your colour after the keratin smoothing treatment.

Does the Keratin Smoothing Treatment affect the longevity of hair colour?


Yes, especially if your colour is applied to hair which has had a keratin treatment as the better the
condition of your hair, the longer the colour molecules will stay in the hair and the more reflective
the cuticle. So essentially your colour will last longer on healthier, smoother hair and look
illuminating and natural.

What sets Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing apart in terms of Keratin Smoothing Treatments?


At Combers, our experienced stylists use premium, formaldehyde-free formulas for our Keratin
Smoothing Treatments. We take pride in our personalised approach, ensuring every client
achieves their desired results.

Where is Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing located?


Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing is located at The Courtyard, St James Street, Taunton,
Somerset. We look forward to welcoming you to our salon for a personalised hair experience!