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Perfect Curls

Made Easy With The Curly Hair & Perming Experts In Taunton 

Curly hair often has a life of its own.  It can tangle easily, frizz at the slightest hint of humidity, and generally misbehave at the most inappropriate moments.

Fortunately, our curly hair specialists at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing in Taunton understand the way of the curl!

We offer a specialist curly hair service in Taunton that many hairdressers are no longer willing to offer.  We have many years' experience in cutting, shaping and treating naturally curly hair and also in creating modern perms. 

We offer perming services because we understand that you may not like the way your natural curl sits, or you have straight hair that you are constantly curling to achieve that wavy hairstyle you love.

By perming your hair, we can create the wave or curl pattern you've always wanted. 

During a thorough consultation, we will discuss everything from why you want curly hair to exactly what type of curl you want. We aim to get to know you from the inside out to create the hairstyle you truly desire.

Your appointment may be on the second floor of our Taunton salon but, if stairs are a challenge, we can tend to your needs downstairs instead. Just let our front of house know when you book.

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Swirls & Twirls

Different Curl Patterns

Ringlet, coil, spiral... there are many different curl types that we can create at Combers. To create the right curl pattern for you, we have to get to know what you want first which is why we always set aside plenty of time for a consultation with one of our perm specialists. 

Please come to the consultation with your hair in its natural state and freshly washed with no product in it. This allows us to assess the true condition of your hair and how it will respond to the perming process. We will also check your hair condition with a wet stretch test.

During your consultation, we will discuss your hair type, hair history, home hair care, and your desired curl result. It can help if you show us a picture of a curly hairstyle you like so we can better understand what type of curl you are after. Once we know what you want, inside and out, then we can take the next steps on your perm journey.


From Retro '80s Perms To Modern Perming

If perms make you think of the ringlet perms from the 80s, perming services have come a long way since then. At Combers Hair Salon in Taunton, we will maintain your hair's condition whilst creating the perfect perm for you. 

Our perm experts can also create beachy waves, cascading curls and even soft ringlets.  It's important to note that your hair may be a little curlier than you expected at first as it will take a few days before your curls relax to the curl pattern you desire.

With the right care, your perm can last between three to six months. Don't worry - we will tell you everything you need to know about perm aftercare so you can achieve the best, long-lasting results.

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mens perms at top Taunton hairdressers

Cool Curls &

Wicked Waves - Men's Perms

Anyone and everyone can get a perm at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing in Taunton. Perms have become a popular men's hairstyle as the curly hair on top looks great paired with the short back and sides haircut.

Our perm specialists can create a natural-looking perm so you can have that men's curly hairstyle you've always wanted. Our perm experts will find the right curl pattern to suit you for a great curly-haired look.

Whoever you are, if you want a perm service, come on in and chat to us about your hair goals. We will listen to you and understand what you truly desire, so we can create that curly hairstyle you've always dreamt of having.


These Q&As are not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult with a hair care professional or a dermatologist.

What makes Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing the go-to place for perming services in Taunton?


Our team specialises in both modern perms and treating naturally curly hair. With years of
experience, we understand the nuances of curly hair, offering a service that many hairdressers no
longer provide.

Can men get perms at Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing?


Yes, we offer perming services for men as well. Our skilled stylists can create a range of looks
from subtle waves to more defined curls.

Do you offer consultations for perming services?


Absolutely! We believe consultations are essential, especially if you're new to our salon. It's a
chance for us to understand your goals and for you to learn about our process.

Are there any restrictions on perming at Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing?


We advise against perming hair that is bleached, has high-lift colours, or has undergone double
processing. This helps ensure the health and integrity of your hair.

Can you provide guidance on perming long hair?


Certainly! Our stylists are experienced in perming long hair and can recommend styles that
complement your length and texture.

How do I book a perming appointment at Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing?


You can easily book an appointment by visiting our salon at The Courtyard, St James Street,
Taunton Somerset or by giving us a call.

What should I expect during the perming process?


Our skilled team will guide you through the entire process, from consultation to aftercare. We'll
ensure you're comfortable and informed at every step.

Can I see a price list for perming services?


Absolutely, our price list is available on our website for your convenience.

How do I care for my permed hair after the treatment?


We'll provide you with personalised aftercare tips to help you maintain your perfect curls and keep
them looking their best.

Why choose Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing for my perming needs?


Our salon's commitment to expertise, personalised service, and years of experience in perming
sets us apart. We're passionate about helping you achieve the perfect curls you desire.

Why is it important to choose a specialist for perming services?


Perming has become a specialist service in recent times. Many salons across the UK have shifted
their focus towards colouring techniques like highlights and balayage, causing perming to lose
popularity. As a result, some hairdressers may have limited experience or training in this chemical
process. At Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing, we pride ourselves on being perming experts, with
years of dedicated experience and a deep understanding of the technique. It's crucial to choose a
salon that specialises in perming to ensure you get the results you desire. Choose an expert and
choose carefully.

Where is Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing located?


Combers-Inside Out Hairdressing is located at The Courtyard, St James Street, Taunton,
Somerset. We look forward to welcoming you to our salon for a personalised hair experience!