Hair Trends For 2023

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Tailored To You

We know it can be tempting to jump on the latest trend, even if it doesn't suit you! At Combers Hairdressing Salon in Taunton, our expert team are here to help create on-trend hairstyles that are tailored to you.

During an in-depth consultation, we will get to know you from the inside out. Our skilled stylists will take into account your face shape, personality, lifestyle and why you truly want that trending hairstyle. We can then steer you in the right direction towards a hair cut, colour and style that is designed specifically to suit you.


Bespoke Balayage

Balayage is perfect if you're the type of person that's laidback and enjoys a low-maintenance lifestyle. This trending hair colouring technique involves the roots being left darker whilst the mid-lengths to the end of the hair are lightened for a subtly sun-kissed look.

Our skilled colour technicians carefully craft and hand-paint highlights throughout your hair to create a bespoke balayage for you. Highlights will be expertly placed where the sun would naturally lighten your hair colour, and can be used to contour and lift your appearance.

At Combers Hairdressers, our guests tend to ask for blonde balayage to achieve that beach babe, 'I've just returned from holiday' look. However, we can create balayage in whatever hair colour you desire!


Balayage at Combers Hairdressers in Somerset
Best Hair Cuts at Combers Hair Salon in Taunton

Modern Twists On Classic Hairstyles

There are some things that never go out of style, especially when we give them that modern hit they need to bring them into the 21st century! The 'business in the front, party in the back' hairstyle of the 80s is making a comeback as the modern mullet takes the world by storm.

The modern mullet involves longer hair at the back with medium length hair at the front and top of the head. This is then paired with shaved short sides for a cool, contrasting look. Everyone and anyone can rock this hairstyle, as our expert stylists can tailor the length and shape to suit you.

Another modern take on a classic haircut is the shag haircut. The shag involves a hairstyle that is layered many different lengths for that effortless, bedhead look. If you've seen a hairstyle that you like but are uncertain what it's called, make sure to bring in a picture to show your stylist at Combers Hair Salon.

The Curly Girl

Hair Method

Cascading curls are simply stunning. If you have naturally curly hair and don't know how to look after your curl type, our expert stylists at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing can help. We can recommend the right hair products for your hair type at our Taunton salon.

Is your hair frizzy? Do you struggle to tame your curls? We offer the best hair smoothing treatment at Combers Hairdressers for silky smooth hair. Keratin treatments aren't just for making your hair straight, we can also keep your curl pattern whilst reducing frizz for easier to manage hair. Find out more about our keratin treatment.

For those of you that have always wanted curly hair, but have naturally straight hair, we can make your curly haired dreams come true. Through our perming services, we can give your hair curls for up to 6 months! With a range of curl patterns to choose from, you can have the hair you've always wanted. Find out more about perms.

Curly Hair at Combers Hairdressing in Somerset
Hair Colour at Combers Hairdressers in Taunton

Colour Me A


If there's a hair colour you've always wanted to try, we say do it at Combers Hairdressing Salon in Somerset! Fun fashion colours are always on-trend, so you're sure to be a fashionista with a bright hair colour. Our expert colour technicians can colour your hair any colour under the rainbow.

During a consultation, we'll find out exactly what hair colour you're after. We'll ask all the right questions to find out what you really want. From vivid, bright hair colours to soft, subtle pastel hair colours. Have you always wanted your hair to be your favourite colour? Let us know and we can make it happen!

Important: If you haven't had your hair coloured with us for the past 6 months, you will need to book in for a quick allergy patch test at least 48 hours before your hair colouring appointment.