Why You Deserve The Best!

What To Expect From Your Hair Salon In Taunton

At Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing in Taunton, all our guests deserve the very best. We want you to leave our salon with a wonderful haircut and colour, feeling pampered, positive, listened to, and having experienced excellent customer service.  We welcome everyone and want you to feel relaxed and comfortable, safe in the knowledge that your hair is in expert hands. 

As you probably now know, 'we think different' at Combers.  We want to make sure you feel wonderful from the inside out and we do this by turning our thinking inside out.  We adapt and develop our service approach to meet your needs... asking you the right questions so we can meet (and dare we say) exceed your expectations every time.

So let us explore what you should expect when you visit your favourite Taunton hairdressers...

best hairdressing salon in Taunton

1. A Great Haircut

We are all individuals with different head shapes, different hair types & textures, and different ideas of how we want to look.  That's why an 'off-the-shelf' haircut is never going to work. At Combers, we will listen to you to understand what you really desire, and come up with some great recommendations.  We have brilliant cutting and styling skills to then create the perfect hairstyle for you. 

2. A Sensational Hair Colour 

Colouring hair is a science but we believe artistry is just as important. We will understand what you want, and work with your ideas as well as your hair type, to create a beautiful hair colour on hair that looks and feels healthy. 

3. A Personalised Hair Consultation

The hallmark of a quality salon is to be able to offer a personalised consultation.   Our bespoke Inside Out consultation ensures we ask the right questions and gives us both enough time to discuss and look through pictures so we can reflect who you are from the inside out. This takes communication and trust and building a relationship with your hairdresser.

4. No Judgement - Just Helpful Advice

Combers cater to men and women.  While undercuts, buzz cuts and fades are popular with a lot of gents, we are more than happy to oblige when our female guests ask for these styles.  We are equally happy to add layers and do a fabulous blow dry for any gents with long hair.  Just tell us what you fancy and let us do the rest. 

5.  The Ability To Relax

We want you to relax.  So if you're short of time and not the chatty type, that's OK too. If you love a good old chinwag, that's great too.  There will be absolutely no awkwardness if you tell us you'd like a little quiet time today. Once we know what you need and have sorted out your refreshments, we want you to relax and be yourself. 

6.  A Great Atmosphere In The Salon

The best salons provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for clients. This includes factors like comfortable seating, soothing music, and a calming ambiance, massage basins, air conditioning. At Combers Inside-Out we are all over this. Buildings and properties have their own character and ambiance and our 300-year-old building with beams and lots and lots of light creates a special feel.

7.  Sustainable Hairdressing

We put family values and a need to protect our planet at the heart of everything we do.  That's why we have aligned ourselves with Davines hair colours and hair products which are sustainable, largely vegan and absolutely not tested on animals.  

8.  Offering A Wide Range Of Services 

We are experts in hair which means we offer more than just haircuts and colours.  We also provide hair extensions, hair smoothing, perming, special occasion styling, hair treatments, scalp treatments and men's hair replacement in Taunton

9. Helping You Manage Your Hair At Home 

Being able to manage and look after your hair at home is important and Combers Inside-out hairdressers don’t leave it to chance or assume. We will give you tips and advice, as well as recommend high-quality hair care products so you can maintain and enhance the results of your salon services.

10.  But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Well, we would say we're the best hairdressers in Taunton, wouldn't we!  But please don't just take our word for it.  Check out our brilliant reviews here and, once you decide to make an appointment, don't forget that we also offer new guests a hair package worth £250... for the cool price of just £49.99.


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