Are you over 50?

A friend told me that on the morning his wife turned Fifty, she put her arms around him and snuggled up to him as they lay in bed. He turned and said: “Now I know what it feels like to have old age creep up on me.”

I hope he had a very big present waiting for his lovely wife, or a very thick skull.

For those of us over Fifty, we are often surprised and wonder ‘when did that happen?

Do you look older than you are?

A good mental attitude is as important as looking after your health, your diet and exercising regularly. But there is one area many people neglect as they get older and that is their hair.  Oddly, it’s the one part of you which is so obvious and visible and which can make you look older than you feel or indeed are.

Here are my tips for making sure your hair still looks fantastic at Forty, fabulous over Fifty and super over Sixty.

Are you in the right salon?

Loyalty to stylist and salon is important as it builds relationship, trust and understanding over the years. However if your Stylist does not suggest timely changes and tweaks to your hairstyle, then perhaps it’s time YOU made a change.

If you consider trying another salon, book for a consultation first. Ask to have a look round the salon if it has many zones as  Combers ‘Inside Out’ has. Is it tidy, busy or over-busy?  Does the stylist and the rest of the staff appear happy. Is your consultant interested and ask intelligent questions, listen and make relevant suggestions? Ask if they book a full hour for your cut and finish appointment. Not just for new clients because you wont be one on your second visit, but EVERY VISIT.

Condition is key

One of the biggest factors affecting you is the menopause. Hair becomes thinner, more brittle and dehydrated. My one big tip for over fifty (s) hair is to ensure you properly condition it. The best hair consultants will always advise on how to take care of your hair at home along with tips on how to manage.

The cut

I hear conflicting advice about whether women over Fifty, or even Forty, should automatically have their hair cut shorter. Certainly, long and unstyled hair, often with a middle parting, can age you terribly. Add on the grey factor and you can look much older than you are or actually feel.

My advice is to avoid geometric looks and block colours. Diagonal lines are softer especially around the face so even the classic bob can be tweaked to suit. Embrace your hair’s changing colours enhancing with lowlights and highlights or balayage to avoid a two tone fiasco.