Balayage Hair Colouring

Balayage has become the most popular form of adding secondary or tertiary colours to a natural hair or mono toned hair.

The name balayage derives from the French word “ balayer” which is to sweep. “ Balayage” meaning sweeping colour into the hair to create bespoke contouring for face shapes whilst keeping a fluid softness.

Beckie Lyons, Combers colour Expert and salon educator say’s, “What I love best is that I have never seen the same technique repeated on two different people, It always has the extra natural flair to it. Making it not only look expensive but also lessening the appearance of regrowth.”

Soft intro into Colour…. #So Natural

As a salon our colourists attend bespoke balayage courses, and then in turn educate each other in what they have learnt and develop on further.

If you have never had colour and would like a no commitment dip in the water, our Combers braided balayage may be for you. A very soft and subtle introduction.

We have see many new guests who are hiding those wisdom highlights with an all over brown box colour. Therefore they are no longer excited about getting their hair coloured (its more like a chore), and they know it does not suit them.

I have introduced guests who feel this way into enjoying a little more freedom and still managing to hide those pesky strands we all loathe.

Braided Balayage hair colour, by Beckie Lyons for Combers, Taunton

Combers New Balayage techniques

Foiling will always be popular but it isn’t dominating the colour fashion scene.

  • Braided balayage: is a perfect introduction to balayage and easily adapted for all mid length to long hair types. I love caramels/ coppers and chocolate tones for this technique.
  • Blusher balayage: Using this technique is so soft and subtle as we use specialised colour blusher brushes. I love this technique for guests who have fine hair and only want the most subtle of results.
  • Back combing balayage: This technique is the most popular at creating beautiful depths and dimensions in hair of all lengths. Gorgeous using frosty or golden hues on naturally brown hair. This technique gives the most definition as the lightened pieces bounces of base colour.
  • Minimal balayage: Often used around the hairline by just opting to colour a few strands of hair at a time to ensure colour right unto the root without the risk of a streak! This technique can be done in as little as 45minutes.
  • Layered balayage: More popular for the summer and balayage veterans, layered balance is when a guest has has a few balance services to create much lighter ends than the root area. This cannot be done in one process. Perfect for guests who desire a really cool ashy result.
  • Baby lights balayage: A form of fine balayage blending from another colour in the root area. It creates that perfect melt between two different colours. Perfect for guests who are after their colours blending with less definition.