Bridal Hair

CALL me an optimist, but the days really are getting longer.  Maybe you’ve noticed the brighter mornings or give a little smile because you no longer need to put the car lights on driving home after work.  bridal hair

Spring is slowly breaking through even if we’d like it to hurry just a little. However, if you’re getting married this year, it may feel like the days to your Big Day are rushing forward at too fast a pace.

There still seems so much to do and you wonder how on earth you’ll fit it all in. When your hair looks good you feel good and often get more done so may I suggest you look for a great stylist, not just a friend but someone who can see you objectively who is also a bridal hair expert. They often have a wealth of experience and can be a great sounding board, and not just for the hair. So don’t think of a hairdresser and your hair as an accessory to your big day, choose and meet with them soon after you answer ‘yes’ as their advice and guidance on your hair will give you more confidence in all the forthcoming choices that you make.

If you have already chosen your gown and dresses for the bridesmaids, it is essential to think very soon about getting your hair to complete you and compliment the dress.  Your look will often determine how brides maids hair will be dressed, remembering they don’t have to look exactly the same, just bespoke enough to look like they’re with you and not from ‘Bridesmaids R Us !’


I believe this summer will see a return to a softer, Bohemian look, very Left Bank Parisian so beautifully shown by Oscar de la Renta. There was a similar relaxed but chic appeal at Marchesa and Caroline Herrera while Galia Lahav opted for a glamorous Hollywood vintage feel.

Whatever style you choose, here are some important factors to consider:

1.       Make sure your hair compliments your dress.  For example, if your wear a backless dress but have your hair hanging straight, the impact will be lost. Experiment with different looks that make your hair and gown blend in perfect harmony.

2.       If you opt to wear your hair loose, add some detail with a clasp or clip or even a flower arrangement. The latter work especially well with the current trend for vintage and retro hair styles.

3.       Don’t change your style so drastically, you lack confidence to wear it! You’ll probably be a little nervous on the day so don’t add to your worries. Just keep in mind that if you’re bridal gown is formal and a one off, your bridal hair should be as well. So when critiquing your look on a trial day sat in your Jeans it may look a little over the top but  the photographs that you have commissioned to remember your special day will transpose your hair in 2 dimensions so will often make your hair appear smaller or flatter especially in your gown. 

4.       It’s a myth that short bridal hair means boring bridal hair. You can opt for a back comb or side pattern or add that unique accessory. Feathers are making a big comeback and are perfect for the sweet, pixie look.

5.       If you don’t want anything too fussy, then a well cut straight style not only looks natural but will leave your guests gasping with admiration.

6.       A few months before you’re wedding day, you should start to work on your hair’s condition. There are a number of treatments depending on your hair type that will ensure your lovely locks are at their peak.

If your hair is coloured this should also be planned months in advance to ensure it peaks on the day. If you are a little shy about colour, a great alternative are glosses which add a shine to the natural look and elevate your hair to equal billing to your gown in the video.

7.     Just like dress fittings, ensure you do the same with your bridal hair.  Try out the style you want. You might have a change of heart so best discover this early on. Why not wear your bridal hair style at a dress fitting?

8.     If you are planning to wear a veil,  do you want to be able to remove it at some point during the day? Your stylist should show you how this is done with care, so as not to ruin the creation underneath.

9.     Above all, your hair should feel very comfortable, not grasped tight or with pins digging in. Trust me, you don’t want to give yourself a headache while trying to remember your vows or smiling at all those relatives and friends.

10.    A good bridal hair stylist will be happy to go over all the points I’ve mentioned and address any others you may have concerns about. He or she should be willing to make a home visit, meeting those close to you who will be involved on the day, from bridesmaids to the mother of the bride.

Our bridal hair team and all at Combers wish you and your partner every happiness on you’re wedding day and future together.