Bridal Hairstyle

I love this time of year. One day I’m off on a Caribbean cruise, the next I’m walking into a bar on Ibiza. 

I could be sitting in the office canteen enjoying a steak pastie or breaking down on the motorway on my way to work.

Confused? Well, no need. What I’m describing is the stories clients tell me about how they first met their partner. With October being wedding month, I tend to hear lots of different stories about that first meeting or an event that is special to couples.

With each unique event comes the opportunity for a unique way to celebrate their wedding, or engagement, especially when it comes to hair.

I remember a client telling me she met her future husband during a holiday to Ibiza so she wanted her hair to have that summer, fly away look. Another client who met her fiance in their work canteen, asked for an office style – with a romantic twist.

If you are planning your wedding or engagement, I’d like to suggest five simple ways you too can have a very special hair style for your very special event. In addition, my two top wedding hair stylists at Combers, Beckie and Kelly, have also added their own tips and advice.

I hope between the three of us, we can make your day extra special – even if you met your intended eating a pastie at work!

  1. Book a trial appointment Try your bridal hairstyle before the big day so you can see if it really suits you. What might  look great in a magazine may not suit your face shape or skin tone, so take time with your stylists to make sure you get it right.
  1. Before you decide on a Bridal hairstyle, decide on your dress. The dress will have a major impact on whether you have your hair up or down. Bring in photos of the dress and tell the stylists what material it is.
  2. Don’t go weird! Yes, it’s good to have a different style from usual, but don’t go so drastic that you feel odd or uncomfortable. Your hair should compliment your dress, not scare it to death.

4.   Get a hair treatment At least two weeks before the big day, get your hair in the best             condition with a deep conditioning treatment at the salon. You’ll be glad to get pampered and             your hair will look its best.

  1.  Your hair accessories. Maybe its Grandma’s old pin or a headband your loved, one Choose  bought you to mark your first month’s anniversary, bring your accessories into the salon. Let  them be part of your special bridal hairstyle.

Remember, its YOUR big day so take time to talk with your Bridal hairstylist and you’ll look a million dollars when you walk down the aisle.

Beckie Lyons, Master Colour Artist:

Even the most colour shy of brides should consider the glossy locks they desire on the day by having a clear gloss applied to their natural tresses, not changing anything about the colour but adding the intense shine which natural hair unfortunately does not exist.

When highlighting, make sure there are no intense blonde strands around the face as this will look streaky, which no one would like on the big day.  Whatever it is you are looking for book in for a consultation with a colour expert to ensure you are in safe hands.

As a master colour artist and bridal hairstyle specialist, I believe it is important to prepare how you would like your hair on the day. Some brides may want a colour which isn’t achievable in one session so make sure you get advice from your colourist.

Colour wise, it depends on the statement you wish to make. Some brides will go natural with soft lighter accents. I have been known to make a fish is pink rockabilly bride. Condition is key because whatever you wish from your colour it needs to shine!

We are spoilt now for natural highlighting techniques which don’t involve any foil, so it works with your style on the day.

Kelly Cridge, Senior Wedding Hair Consultant:

I’m thrilled and honoured to be involved in helping to make someone’s special day that extra bit special.

The first thing I do is to get to know the You, the bride so I can best understand what bridal hairstyle and colour you are looking to achieve. It might be a magazine photo you’ve kept for a few years, or a celebrity style you like or a special memento from a loved one.

I want to know about the wedding venue, your lifestyle and, of course, I want to know about the groom as well.  I’ve become friends with so many brides, we chat away about everything and often have the bridesmaids in the room as well.

You see, it shouldn’t just be a matter of approaching a bridal hairstylist a week or two before the wedding and hoping for the best. Your hair should be your crowning glory, making your dress and you look absolutely fabulous. So, my advice is make a booking at the salon, bring in photos or hair pieces and mum as well . Let’s put the kettle on and start planning your big day now.