Bridal Make-up Tips

Your wedding day is your day, the one day when you are the center of attention, a celebrity,  and naturally want to look your best.

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Sam Lang. Professional Make – up and Beauty consultant

Makeup is as important as the Dress, Hair and Shoes.
And the key to achieving your best make up is to highlight your best features and not over do it.

The perfect flawless makeup will make you look and feel more radiant and more confident when every camera is pointing at you.

My Tips

  • Foundation – Like with most artistry the preparation is essential if you want a lasting result, so we begin with foundation. Getting the best colour match is the key. Always check the colour on the jaw line to avoid the tell tell dark line. Do not use too much foundation as you want a natural glow, if you have little blemishes, concealer is your best friend.
  • Never use foundation to give you a tan. If a tanned skin tone is what you are after this should be considered in your pre-preparation. Try our all over professional St Tropez spray tan. Professionally applied by our technician in Le Spa at Combers, to ensure a flawless finish without streaking
  • Primer – Most importantly makeup must last the whole day so a good primer is essential and oily skin will need a T-Zone powder or anti shine primer.
  • Skin tone – It may feel unnatural for some to wear foundation which is why it is important to match your skin tone exactly and ensure that you try out several times before hand so you feel comfortable and ensure your skin does not react adversely.
  • How does the camera see you – I would advise taking some test shots of yourself with flash photography after your trial to ensure the Camera is not seeing something that you are not.
  • Trial sessions -For the reasons above,  if you decide to do it yourself, or use our professional make – up artists at Le Spa, I believe it is important that you  feel comfortable and happy with your chosen look ensuring that it suits you and is consistent with the formality of your dress and the occasion, so it is normal to have trial sessions.
  • More Natural – If your not a big makeup wearer, then I suggest an enhanced and natural look which we can achieve at Le Spa by using makeup to highlight the eyes, lips and brows.
  • Eyebrows are important. They need definition, but must not be over plucked. This is one area where a professional is needed, to insure good shape and definition. I like to see my brides 3 to  6 months in advance as this would be part of your pre preparation plan.
  • Mascara & Blusher – Waterproof mascara is a must. And a good blusher will achieve a light glow on the cheeks, which works well.
  • Lip Stick – The shade and application of lipstick is not only important to define the lips but has to be correct for the photographs . Soft focus, black and white and moody filtering requires the right shade of lipstick to get the best results.
  • Pre- preparation as suggested earlier is where  you visit with me 3 to 6 months in advance and we can plan and schedule all relevant preparation services like spray tanning, facials to ensure your skin is perfect, manicures and bespoke nail treatments, eyebrow development, eyelash prep, pedicures hair cut and colour preparation the Combers hair styling team and last but not to be missed our Le Spa relaxing body and shoulder massaging to ease away  any muscular tensions. Often over looked but all my brides are pleased, getting closer to the day that they took my advice. Many brides consider and cost into their wedding budget  a pamper day for themselves and the brides maids a week before, indulgent yes but good fun and it is your big day!
  • Man – Up – Not forgetting the Man in this special ceremony whether that be the groom and best man or two guys entering into a Gay Marriage or Civil Partnership, at Le spa, you are far from forgotten. Check out  Le Spa Man space  
  • Le Spa at Combers, Taunton, will ensure the best look for you, after a consultation and during your pre-wedding day trials. We select and use professional Make – up and skin care products for Le Spa but if you have your favourites and would prefer to use some of them please bring them along to the trial.

If you have any questions or would just like a chat, come in and see me Sam Lang, in Le Spa at Combers, The Courtyard St James Street or call Guest relations on 01823 284600

Sam Lang – Professional Make – up and Beauty Consultant. – Le Spa at Combers, The Courtyard St James Street. TA1 1JR. 01823 284600