Bronde Ambition for 2016

IT’S been a busy year as far as hair is concerned, with many different styles and colours gracing our presence. 

At Combers, I see all sorts of elements coming back into fashion, from the most boring plain Jane to the wackiest, most out there ‘dos.

One of the most interesting trends to make headlines over the past 52 weeks is the brand new shade of bronde.

Dubbed as being not entirely blonde or brunette but somewhere in between, the colour began amongst some of the biggest stars of the Hollywood postcode before making its way across the pond.


Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba and Cara Delevingne are all among those sporting this unique hair trend, with their soft caramel and honey tones streaked with darker flashes catching the attention of hair stylists everywhere, but created by Hollywood’s hair colourists using Redken colour and the premium Olaplex colour treatment.

Natural colour and shine

Although various media have clouted this trend as being mainly an ‘it girl’ tendency, more and more  of our guests are taking the leap and experimenting with the bronde ambition.

The shade generally looks at its best when you incorporate your natural base colour, but add soft streams of golden blonde, honey and caramel tones.

This gives the body of the hair more movement, shine and definition and with the north American non ammonia hair colour, Redken, you can be assured of a 4 dimensional translucent natural shine.

Bronde can look fantastic on any skin tone, as long as the shade is adjusted to suit the individual.

If you have golden or dark skin, a rich honey colour will look most flattering, whereas fairer skin suits a more neutral shade.

Low maintenance

Our colour experts are always looking match the correct colour shade and application method to suit skin tones and meet guests expected maintenance commitment.

Once you incorporate your natural shade, the bronde ambition should be fairly low maintenance.

our Colourists space the highlights out at the root area, gradually getting brighter towards the end of the hair, therefore regrowth should be kept to a fairly minimal notice.

Again, your natural colour plays a huge part in the visibility of what we refer to as ‘roots’….Our colourists advise each individual differently on how we should work the toning.

Any hair cut can suit this style; whether it be a short, choppy bob or long waves with long layers, it can be pulled off and finished successfully.

Natural blondes and brunettes are rejoicing everywhere over this natural, wearable look that encourages a blend of two, mixed tones.

If we are taking Redken’s Hollywood bronde with us into the new year, with the cold weather becoming ever more apparent it’s more vital that we are taking care of our hair.

Nobody likes the frizzy look so take time out once a week to treat your tresses.

A deep conditioning mask from Puerology the bespoke colour brand that even vegans will love, will help to replenish moisture which tends to get depleted from things like central heating and the bitter, winter air.

Quick and easy to apply, using this simple mask after the shampoo and condition process can make worlds of difference.

Using a protection spray like Pureology’s 21, so called because of the 21 benefits when used and left in before styling, one of which is the protection of hair dryer and heated tongs and split ends, which nobody wants to be rocking in party season.

As a stylist, I can’t stress how crucial it is to have your locks regularly trimmed.

The overall condition will improve if you take a light dusting from the ends every six to eight weeks.

Bob for 2016…did it ever go out?

Moving into 2016, the bob is coming back, but with a difference.

Never before has this style been worn with such shine and volume as it will this coming January.

The bob allows us to be daring and stand out, which is what we all want for a new year and a fresh start.

It’s a time to make changes for the better and going for the new bob cut is certainly one of the favoured approaches, as opposed to trying to grow your hair for the 50th time and getting nowhere with it.

We often give up and get frustrated, whilst carrying on willing our length to increase without properly taking care of the condition.

Well now’s the time to stop.

Just stop.

The new era bob will solve all of these problems and still incorporate a chic, stylish look.

The shorter trend will allow you to work with bolder, alternative colours.

Your shade will speak for your character, so choose something that makes a daring statement.

Sweep the fringe sideways with a few choppy layers and you’ll be laughing- make an entrance into the new year by saying look at me.

Look at my hair.

If you feel like you’ve been holding back with your hair over the past 12 months, there’s no time more perfect than the present to bite the bullet and grasp that style you’ve always wanted.

If your hair is right, everything else will fall into place.

It’s a happy new year and a happy new hair ‘do from all at Combers

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