Christmas – Time to Shine and Sparkle

  So, you’ve got the dress, bought the bling and your precious Jimmy Choos are being sent by recorded delivery.

But just when you think you’ve got your Christmas look complete, you realise your hairstyle belongs on Santa’s naughty list.

Now, you wouldn’t put a tin foil star on top of a tree decorated with expensive tinsel and lights. So why crown your expensive office party outfit with a style that looks like a bad joke from a cheap Christmas cracker?

“Oh wait,” I hear you cry, “I don’t have time to get to my hairdresser. There’s those last minute presents to be bought, a turkey to be stuffed and drunk relatives to be fed.”

As a stylist, let me offer a little seasonal advice. It’s time to go back to your roots – and I don’t mean those dark ones starting to show. Book now  for a free consultation or to secure your hair appointments around your schedule.

I mean, think back to when you were about five years old and you sat on Santa’s knee. You quietly read out your Christmas list and had full confidence that the old guy in the white beard would deliver all that you asked for. Well, think of your stylist as that wise old person with the big beard and an enormous stomach – that’s enough of that analogy!

At Combers, we believe the starting point between our guests and our stylists should be a cup of tea, or coffee or even a little eggnog. You should feel comfortable enough to tell your stylist what is on your Christmas hair list, whether it’s for the office party, a visit to friends and loved ones, or carol singing with the neighbours.

Find your style

Are you looking for a glam style, something practical, hair extensions or maybe a new colour? Seen a style you like in a magazine? Bring it to the salon. Fallen in love with a catwalk look? We’ll find it on the web.

If you need some inspiration, check out how your favourite celebrity is shaping up this Christmas. Hair extensions, for example, made a comeback in 2012.

Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Britney Spears, and Fergi are just a few of the stars who have graced the red carpet with longer locks. Individual extensions can last up to four months if done in a professional salon. You may need a tidy up after the first two months to keep them looking in shape.

As they say on all the best TV shows, ‘don’t try this at home.’  I have seen too many people suffer damage to their hair by using extensions which bond to their natural hair. In addition, I would recommend only real hair which may be more expensive, but it looks better and less likely to break or burn.

Vintage hair styles have never really gone out of fashion, and are particularly suited to Christmas. A great vintage cut will compliment and reflect the look of your little black dress or gown. Miley Cyrus and Abbie Cornish are just two ladies who have worked vintage this year.

Vintage is all about waves and curls that will unleash your inner starlet. It’s all about Hollywood glam coupled by great make-up and perhaps just a little whimsy to make you the centre of any party.

Miley Cyrus - vintage hairdressing

Source: via simon on Pinterest

                                                           The perfect Gift

Just as Christmas lights can brighten the darkest winter night, so too can the right colour for your hair. This really is when you should talk with an expert, as we don’t want tears this year. Remember, it’s not just about your hair, it’s also about your complexion and skin tone.

This is the time of year when we think about others and, ladies, if you want to put a bit more vavavoom into the man in your life, then now is the time to book him into the salon for a thorough – but friendly – hair MOT. I’m delighted to report that men in Taunton are heads up on hair care but we’re always here for those needing a little help.

Remember, there’s still plenty of time to have a pre-Christmas chill-out with a visit to a spa which will get you ready for the busy days ahead. Check into Le Spa at Combers for some serious pampering. Our expert complementary therapist, Susan Fowler will talk you through treatments such as reflexology, homeopathy, aromatherapy, sports therapy and anatomy, physiology and body massage. Don’t forget to book your Shellac nail treatment with Sam Lang and her team of beauty therapists.

Redken Christmas Packs

And if you’re still stuck for present ideas, remember a Combers Gift Voucher gives someone you love the best hair or beauty treatment of their choice and of course many of your favourite hair and beauty products in discounted gift packs. Just ask our guest relations staff for details.

I look forward to seeing you soon – and a Happy Christmas from all at Combers, Taunton’s leading hair Salon

Simon Willetts is a monthy hair columist in ‘ Limited Edition Society