Hair expert Simon Combers, introduces Cameron Willetts, who has now been promoted to the premier league at Combers Inside-Out

Cameron Willetts understands there isn’t a shortcut to mastering the foundations he and all the apprentices are expected to learn, apply and educate – as by teaching we learn even more.

Cameron is a teaching assistant to Beckie, Combers’ head of education. Having taken many advanced cutting courses and specialist colouring courses in London alongside Beckie, they have built a very good rapport.

Still teaching, but now promoted to working alongside me at Combers Inside-Out He will also be writing with me for Living magazine and later this year starting our own YouTube channel. Much of last year saw Cameron being mentored by Adam Reed and assisting him on fashion shoots, London Fashion Week, X factor and GHD events.

‘Increasing my exposure to new thinking and diverse ideas and inspiration is important to me’

Cameron said: “Increasing my exposure to new thinking and diverse ideas and inspiration is important to me as my intention is to artistically lead, motivate, inspire, teach and influence hairdressers myself, sharing in the same way others have with me.”

This year started well for Cameron, a new mentor program in Italy with North America’s Colourist of the Year, Roch Lemay, from Montreal. He was working alongside colour consultants from USA, Canada and Germany, and we are already working on a Combers’ international exchange programme with them.

Cameron Willetts on a bespoke Colour mentorship programme at Davines Village, Palma, Italy.

Cameron was encouraged to reflect on his working skills. Why we do certain things in certain ways as a colourist and consider change, with a different approach and thinking. This unique opportunity took place in the Davines Sustainable Village in Parma, Italy, where Davines scientists also shared their knowledge and skills, enabling him to master any hair colouring challenge he may encounter and enhance his expertise as a master colourist. What he has learnt in just five days is as remarkable as it was unique. A completely new approach that even I could not have imagined. He has come back with the new energy, knowledge and skill, having developed his own unique colour signature for his guests and bespoke hair cutting style. All the talented consultants at Combers Inside-Out have now demanded that I promote Cameron to the Inside-Out salon such is their respect for him, which is pleasing for me as being the boss’s son and being accepted as one of the team is never an easy path to navigate.

If you have got into a rut with your stylist and want to meet a young man with vibrant energy, with skill, knowledge and experience to back it up call 01823 334331 and ask for Cameron Willetts, bespoke cutting and styling from £52 and bespoke colour pricing with free consultation only. He is now Living magazine’s new hair expert and my new mentor at Combers Inside–Out.