Fit for Royalty

The Queen’s upcoming official birthday and the imminent birth of William and Kate’s bambino have had us a little preoccupied with royalty lately. That got me thinking (not too surprisingly) about hair being our “crowning glory”. But sometimes it feels more like a crown of thorns, whether it’s showing your age, becoming boring or simply “just isn’t right”. So I’ve gathered a few solutions that cover a wide range – from permanent to ins tant and from mature and dignified to young and daring.

Settling for a silver crown?

Many women say they don’t want the hassle of maintaining a hair colour and would rather grow old gracefully. If you’re blessed with a chic demeanour, striking looks, fabulous skin and a great figure, you might pull it off. If you’re less fortunate, grey hair’s dullness and coarse texture can make you look washed out. Putting colour back immediately makes it shinier and healthier. A few threads of colour next to the skin can make a huge difference – just like a touch of mascara can bring your eyes to life. There are many options – lowlights, highlights, total coverage, semi-permanent gloss – but do consult Combers colour expert who understands the science and will consider your skin tone, eye colour and makeup, as well as your lifestyle, personality and the season.

A drop of golden sun

Ombre colour at the Hair Colour Bar, Combers

One of the hottest colour trends right now is ombre: a blend of multiple colours from darkest to lightest. It creates the impression that your hair was lightened naturally by the sun and is growing out. The blend of colour actually starts at the very roots though. If you just have a solid line from bleaching your ends, it looks like you simply have really bad roots that were never touched up. The upside of this look is that it doesn’t require touch-ups as often. But remember, the hair is still chemically lightened, so you do need to step up your hair care to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. Since ombre is a relatively new technique it is once again crucial that you find a hair colourist who knows what they are doing as I have seen some poor examples, not helped by suggestions from prominent brand advertising  that their home kits produce the looks that have clearly  been created professionally.

Every girl deserves a halo

For an even more low maintenance transformation, I can’t think of anything better to recommend than a Halo. To me, this is one of the most amazing, fun and innovative products for girls from 16 to 60.  These removable hair extensions are made from the best quality human hair, attached to a monofilament nylon line that fits your head snugly (and invisibly!) to blend with your own hair. One Halo gives you all the volume and length you need to add thick, rich body and style instantly – whether you want to glam it up

Try The ‘Halo’ at Combers

for a special night out or wear it every day – without damaging clips or glue. It doesn’t come into contact with your scalp, so it doesn’t require frequent cleaning and care. Since it’s made from human hair, it can be styled and coloured just like your own hair too. What more could a girl want?!……click here 

Princess for a night

Of course, the most temporary hair transformation is a gorgeous evening style. For this year’s prom season, the Combers team was inspired to create a special “Future Vintage” collection of hair designs. We have drawn on hot red carpet looks to create a range of elegant but playful and fresh styles. Our muses included Katie Perry, Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Fearne Cotton. We made sure that we have something for everyone! As with hair styling for any major life event (which proms have certainly become), I always recommend a trial run well in advance. It also makes sense to have your hair and makeup done at the same venue if possible. And what could be more fun than starting the celebrations early by bringing your whole group of girl friends with you?…. click here

Your hair can and should be your crowning glory, no matter what your age or lifestyle. The options I have mentioned are not even the tip of the iceberg, but I hope that I have encouraged you to think out of the box just a little. Is it time to polish that crown?