Greying, greying, gone.

Hair Colour Bar at Combers

Letting yourself go and stopping taking care of your appearance really does pile on the years. Radical surgery, new clothes, a fitness regime and make-up can work wonders, but it’s the hair that really does make the biggest impression.

Colouring hair is one of the easiest ways to fight back the years and give a great boost to one’s self esteem. 67% of women, and 29% of our male guests ask us to advise on and colour their hair.   The benefits of colouring your hair far outweigh any physical damage to the hair or time spent on it. With our unique 5 minute Camo colour for men we have found  that over the last year more men have  ‘come out’  realising that they too can look younger, after all if it’s good enough for Paul McCartney!!

Hit the bottle!

The day we notice our first grey hair (its actually white, there is no such thing as grey hair) can be quite a shock.  Nature plays a cruel trick and robs the hair of melanin, the substance that gives hair its colour. What makes it worse, well for me anyway is that grey hair often goes hand in hand with the first wrinkles or the slightly expanding waistline. Its no wonder most women hit the bottle (of dye) and never stop from that point on. Anything but grey hair!

However, there are scores of women who say they don’t want the hassle of maintaining a hair colour and would rather grow old gracefully. Those who resist the bottle and still manage to look as good are usually those who are genetically blessed, have a chic demeanour with striking eyes and looks, fabulous skin, great figures and would look good whatever their hair colour. For those of us who are less fortunate, grey hair is not helping.

When colour is put back into grey hair, even if only reducing its dominance, it automatically makes hair look shinier, healthier and younger. Grey hair really does drain colour from the face and a few threads of coloured hair next to the skin can make a huge difference – just like a stick of mascara can bring an eye to life. There are plenty of options from lowlights to highlights to total coverage or a semi permanent gloss which can now cover up to 75%, but in my opinion hair with colour is definitely better than hair without colour.

What colour would suit me?

Hair colour Bar

Every colour treatment starts with a consultation, either on the day of your colouring appointment or on a pre-visit. This would take place in a space dedicated to hair colour only – clean, modern, comfortable and air conditioned, naturally, but importantly, a space designed for your colourist to perform for you at their best.

We call our colourists ‘Colour Artists’, they are professionals. Some are certified Redken specialists. They will all help you select exactly the right shades, tints, highlights or lowlights that suit you. Before giving you advise they take into account, skin tone, eye colour and the season as well as lifestyle, personality and the makeup you wear. That’s why we encourage you to do the talking while we listen, before we advise, not just on your first visit but every visit. It’s a relaxed and informal discussion, we ask you to bring pictures and talk about you. It’s not intrusive though we might make a few notes for future reference….Call our guest relations free on …..We look forward to seeing you at Combers soon.