Hair Extensions and Hair Additions

Balmain Hair is part of the Balmain Fashion Empire

and stylists will often use Balmain Hair to create

inspirational looks on the London, Paris, Milan

and New York catwalks. Balmain Hair has also

achieved celebrity status with Christina Aguilera and

Paula Abdul regularly wearing the extensions. With such

a fantastic heritage, it is no surprise that the Balmain Hair

portfolio is the very best available on the market today.

Balmain Hair is the only hair company with the pedigree of

Coiffure meets Couture.

Salons who become part of the Balmain Hair family receive

up-to-the-minute education, with the training programmes

devised to suit individual salon teams. But it doesn’t stop in

the salon, consumers need educating in home maintenance

and homecare too. Ask any hairdresser why they joined the

industry and the answer is to make people look great and feel

better about themselves. Join Balmain Hair+ and you can do

just that and so much more.`

Welcome to Balmain Hair’s Look Book and the introduction

to our unique service Hair+ which will provide real solutions

for your clients’ hair problems.

The following pages offer a collection of looks you can offer

clients quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss. Whether

it’s fine hair that needs a boost, or a splash of risk-free colour,

Balmain Hair+ has the answer.

We all know that balancing work/life time is difficult –

Balmain Hair+ will make you and your clients’ lives easier.

With three systems to choose from – Système Volume,

Professional and Ready to Wear – we offer a solution to every

problem. A client’s visit to a Balmain Hair+ salon is a hugely

relaxing experience, perfect for pampering in the quickest

possible time – culminating in the desired finished look.

In this special supplement, we introduce our Hair+

philosophy with four typical client requests – boosting

fine hair; creating a glamorous look; risk-free colour; and

something quick and easy.

Dawn Reilly, Marketing Director,

Balmain Hair

“I ❤ Balmain Hair because

our clients expect first-class

quality extensions with the

least application time. With

the Balmain Fashion element,

it suits our portfolio so well.”

Leo Bancroft

“I ❤ Balmain Hair – I

have a passion for hair

extensions and I am really

excited about the fashion

element of Balmain. For

my session and TV work,

and with the type of clients

who visit my salon, I

need the very best quality

extensions with the least

application time. Balmain

Hair meets all my needs.”

Anne Veck

“I ❤ Balmain Hair because

all our clients are offered

an unrivalled choice of

brilliant solutions to their

hair problems. Balmain Hair

products turn our clients’

dreams into reality with an

amazing range of products

which add hair quickly,

comfortably and safely. The

education and support from

Balmain Hair is outstanding.”

Steven Goldsworthy

“I ❤ Balmain Hair extensions because with the

fantastic range on offer, we can give our clients a

hair solution for everyday problems. I have been

using Balmain Hair extensions in my salons for

almost five years and in that time we have built a

hugely successful business. We see extensions as a

fourth service in our business, and when clients have

professional extensions applied we offer regular

appointments to check and discuss their haircare.”