Hair Treatments & Your hair- Use it or Lose It?

I sometimes feel like the referee at the Rugby World Cup. Not because I have a superior technical knowledge of the great game. I can’t tell an up and under from a line out.

You see, I might be sitting on a train or standing behind someone in a queue and I look at their hair and wonder if they’ve just been dragged through a scrum backwards. From split ends to greasy patches, brittle curls to untamed fizz, I’m tempted to send them for an early bath – with a bottle of conditioner and essential oils.

As a hair stylist, it’s painful to watch, like viewing a crunching tackle in slow motion. Now, I know we all live busier lives and can sometimes find ourselves offside. The woman in the queue may have been up half the night with a new baby or the person on the train may be working all hours just to make ends meet.

So you may say you don’t have the time to make sure you’re using the right shampoo or hair product. Getting that perfect side parting and having shiny hair like the TV adverts, may not be a high priority for you.

In my experience hairdressers are not good at educating on products through some misplaced fear it may be construed as ‘selling.’ However they do have experience and knowledge, its just you may need to hook it out of them if you want to take advantage of their advise. Not an example of good service I feel, but maybe, like them, you don’t agree?

Over the Gain Line

As you may know, I have always thought complete hair advise important and have always ensured that at Combers we have a hair shop that is stocked with products I have sourced for their ability to deliver results. These products currently are Redken, Pureology and Moroccan oil, but they may change as we are always researching new brands to ensure we bring our guests the best. Many stylists are failing you if they don’t advise and need the yellow card sin bin treatment or vote with your feet and give them the Red – which is precisely why Britain’s favourite chemist, Boots, in their flagship stores, now stock premium products like Bumble and Bumble, and Ojon with a typical shampoo cost of £18.00. They are also employing hairdressers to give advise, mirroring the success on their beauty counters. However no one’s coaching should get you over the gain line than that of your hairdresser.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. All the hair products in the world will not help your locks stay in tip top condition if you eat too much salty, fatty or junk food. Have healthy potions of fruit, pulses, nuts and organic food. It’d also be wise to check your caffeine and fizzy drink intake as all that sugar can cause a lot of damage. Switching to water will help hydrate your hair which means fewer split ends. Getting enough sleep is also vital

Winning Tactics

Step 1: Cleanse & Condition
Mainstream shampoos are usually harsh and contain ingredients that can dry out your hair. Hot water and washing too often can also strip moisture, leaving it dull. At the other extreme, heavy conditioners will leave hair limp. Mainstream conditioners are bulked up with fillers, which eventually build up on your hair and cause the same problem.

Shampoos must have the correct pH and gentle cleansing agents to prevent stress to the hair. Invest in good products and have your stylist recommend a customised regime for you to follow. Conditioners need to close the hair cuticle, protect and give shine without weight.

Step 2: Protect
Blow-drying, straightening and even over-brushing can damage the outer layer of your hair. With the inner core of hair exposed it becomes brittle, broken and unmanageable. Split ends and dry hair are early signs of over-styling. Fine hair is especially sensitive to heat damage, but even thick tresses need care.

When you do heat style, make sure your hair is protected with a good conditioner and suitable styling products that contain thermo protection. When using irons or blow drying, avoid a high heat setting . Thankfully, there are hair products that help mend the damage of over-styling. A treatment with protein sinks into the hair shaft and repairs split ends. The fix is not permanent though, so you will need to use this product regularly.

Step 3: Nourish
Even the best shampoos and conditioners have their limitations. Styling and chemicals take much more out of your hair than these products can replenish. To add strength, bounce and shine you need protein and moisture to penetrate the outer layers of the hair. Only a treatment can deliver this. Your hair also needs to be nourished from the inside.

Conditioner can maintain the quality of your hair, but not improve its integrity. You need to use a specialist treatment suited to the primary and secondary needs of your hair at least once a week. Treatments are best prescribed by your hair stylist, because the optimal combination of protein and moisture for your unique hair is what will make a real difference.

As is so often the case in life, prevention is better than cure. The best way to keep your hair onside is to care for it consistently so that you never end up in one of life’s rucks. Remember that our hair care needs change over time, and it might simply be a case of updating your regime to accommodate natural and seasonal changes.

Follow this winning strategy and you can easily drop kick bad hair out of touch!