Have you got into a rut with your Hair Colour or Stylist?

Does your colourist suggest seasonal changes or is it “same as last time ?”

ONE of the most popular fashion trends has given birth to one of the most popular hair styles around today.

Denim is as ubiquitous today as it was in 1969 at the legendary Woodstock festival – that is, when the flower power people were actually wearing clothes.

Denim, which began as a poor man’s work outfit, has remained on- trend for almost 50 years and shows no sign of losing its popularity.

th-3Last year, it was the turn of the catwalks and the red carpets to showcase the latest rebirth of this hugely popular and adaptable material as it was became the number one hair colour. But it wasn’t just the 20 something who sported this fantastic look. A lot of ladies of a certain age also brilliant in the blue.

Just this week, while walking through Taunton, I spotted several women and men, sporting a blue denim colour in their hair and I have to say they looked suitably chic. It is certainly one of three colours that have been requested a lot at Combers by guests of all ages.

As the dark nights are left behind and we enter (a hopefully) sunny summer season, I believe these three colours will be seen a lot more at parties, at the office and on the school run.

As well as denim, other popular hair colours are rose gold and blorange, short for blood orange.

If you think blue denim might be a little too avant garde for you, both rose gold and blorange are more subtle, although you can up the brightness and vibrancy of both to a zesty, citrus hue.

Lets Talk  Hair Colours

So, let me talk about each of these must have hair colours for this summer and give you the confidence to wear them. Having a consultation with an experienced colourist is essential to discuss both colour and technique that would bespoke that look for you.th-1 These colours suit many by subtly, infusing colour into areas of your hair using highlights or balayage ( a technique of skilfully hand painting colours ) but of course your personal expression of fashion may be more congruent with a bolder approach. So whether you are out shopping in Taunton or relaxing in sunnier climes your hair continues to bring out the best in you. 

Blue Denim

By far, the hottest hair trend all over Instagram is denim hair. It’s fun and contemporary and is the perfect complement for your denim wardrobe whether jeans, jacket or even hat!

You can choose from stonewash to indigo and inky blue washes. Whatever you opt for, talk it over first with your stylist so – like a good pair of Levi’s – you end up with the perfect fit.

Stonewash: Forget blue rinse and the bingo crowd. This contemporary colour is beautiful and edgy with the blue tones blending with your natural hair colour. You’ll need to use the correct shampoos and conditioners so again, check with your stylist to maintain that just left the salon look.

Indigo: A more intense colour but also one that is warm. On brunettes, indigo adds depth and can brighten more pale skin.

Midnight ink:  This darker blue-black shade is dynamic and rich. It’s mysterious and complex yet so satisfying and beautiful on all hair colours. Don’t rush into any denim colour but ask yourself what look are you wanting to achieve and how will it fit into your everyday lifestyle.


Think citrus fruit combined with tones of orange, ruby, red, yellow and crimson. The beauty of this colour is that there is a variation to suit everyone, from punchy orange tones to softer th-6peachy hues.


One big appeal of blorange is the peachy tones make it warmer so it’s ideal for a dinner party or just day wear.  Talk it through with your stylist who will advise on the best hues to match your skin tones. For example, if you’ve got a warmer skin tone, then you’ll probably find the peachy tones in blorange hair will help to enhance the gold in your complexion. As there isn’t one specific shade, you can play around with the colour until you find the shade that Is best for you.

Rose Gold

If you’d prefer a cooler look then you should consider rose gold. It looks and feels cooler because it incorporates more mauve-based shades of pink.

If you check the celebrity instagrams and pinterest boards, you’ll find as many older women choosing to go rose gold as younger th-7actresses and sports stars. They match this beautiful colour with equally beautiful hair styles such as intricately crafted braided styles to mermaid waves in every shade of the rainbow.

Bored of blonde and in need of inspiration? Then rose gold could be the choice that gives you a little step up into summer. For ladies of a certain age, why embrace the grey when you can opt for one of the prettiest colours around. Come in and speak with our colour experts at combers and explore a new world subtle but interesting variational toned highlights and slices of colour from perhaps the same old same old that you are currently offered.

Vivienne Westwood, the grand dame of British fashion, has a range of watches in rose gold that are simply stunning. There’s something about this colour that looks constantly fresh and modern. A subtle coppery red tone with a hint of pink, rose gold makes a perfect summer delight.

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