Hair Treatment – The Brazilian Blowdry.

Hassle free, easy to handle hair, reducing knots, tangles and frizz. Your hair will blow-dry in half the time with a lot less effort and skill, is the claim! Dubbed by the popular press as the ‘Permanent Blow-dry.’ 
OH Yeah!!…..was my initial reaction. Being in the hairdressing business a long time I have a healthy skepticism for such claims.
I am glad to say that I have not reached the cynical stage which prohibits the functioning of an open mind. When many of my respected contempories in the industry are saying good things I new it was time to investigate.
I discovered the treatment surfaced around 2005 in Brazil, where a combination of high humidity and a largely mixed-race, curly haired population made for a nation of eager customers. It soon spread throughout North America and Europe.
The treatment was nothing short of a miracle for women with curly, kinky or hard-to-tame hair. After a lifetime of fighting frizz with endless sprays and creams only to see their efforts vanish with a gust of wind, they could get a smooth, fresh-from-the-salon look that lasted for months.
‘It looks like I just walked out of the salon,’ the secretary said.
‘My life is rushed; I can’t go to the salon all the time. This is easy and practical.’
GHD’s poker straight look does not suit everyone and used everyday with out supplementary treatments, damage the hair.
Enter the Brazilian Permanent blow-dry. One treatment performed by a professionally trained practitioner was costing £220 and lasting 3 months, defrizzed the hair but did not lose its body. A few short years later the Canadian authorities issued a warning about possible health hazards while the U.S Food and Drug Administration were investigating if the ingredients cause health problems.

There was a suggestion that an ingredient called formaldehyde could be harmful to technicians performing this service due to fumes given off. Therefore some companies took the responsible steps to change their formulations and become formaldehyde free. These companies are leading the way. I decided to test one such company which has been used in many of London’s top west end salons. It is called ‘Keratin Complex’

The New Generation in Smoothing Treatments

I guess that once there is a demanding market that are prepared to use anything to get these results in their hair despite the risks it made sense for companies to find a synthetic substitute for the formaldehyde. Rich in keratin protein, the hair and condition looked fabulous. I found this formulation to be suitable on all hair types, even enhancing and strengthening hair that is coloured. ‘Keratin Complex’ seems like the real deal, and as you can see from the testimonials below, I am now a believer! If you still feel like I was and are still unsure, they have followed the colour service model and have a temporary solution lasting one blow-dry, a semi permanent lasting six weeks and a permanent lasting 3 months’ Special Offer
Before writing this article I thoroughly test drove this new service. These are extracts from some of the testimonials from ladies in Taunton.
“My hair is thick, there is lots of it, and is difficult to control. Horrendous in wet weather! Yet now it is fine, soft and shiny, and if I go out in damp whether I do not look like a frizz bomb!   Caroline W
“My hair would normally take ¾ of an hour to blow-dry and straighten and now ony 15 minutes but still has body unlike the iron flat look I have had to have.” Rhianna J
“I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone who wants more controlled healthy looking hair…..As soon as the treatment starts to fade I will be back”   Loraine A

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