New year – New Colour

A new hair colour can make you appear  younger looking, more sophisticated, and completely change how you feel.  An impulsive choice could turn out to be the wrong one.  It’s common for someone to keep the same colour for a long time, and not consider all the other nuances they could benefit from. 

To ensure a colour suits you and looks natural our colour experts consider your natural skin tone. Subtle changes to your colour nuance and placement can make a world of difference 

I have identified 5 types, which are the most frequent:

  1. PORCELAIN SKIN TONE – a light skin colour, characterised from a peach tone.  Light eyes, with a tone that goes from light blue to green.  Our advice is to enhance all the golden shades of hair, avoiding ash-blond colour and all the cold tones that would decrease the brightness of face, eyes and hair. If you want to change your look, we suggest  copper colours or strawberry blondes. Also the warm tonalities of chestnut brown, from a light to a medium tone, but never too dark
  2. GOLDEN SKIN TONE golden skin tone is darker than the previous one.  Eye colour is generally light blue, green or brown combined with light-blue, grey or green shades.  For this type of hair, the best choice is to support the undertone with a honey or a copper colour.  But also the chestnut brown colour with chocolate or caramel highlights. Combers Contouring techniques  helps to light up faces.  Again as before, we suggest to avoid dark tones, as the intense black colour would harden face features.  Also it is better to avoid all cold ash tones that absorb the brightness.
  3. AMBER-SKIN TONE medium tone skin, characterised by a warm undertone.  Eyes colour goes from hazelnut colour to an intense and bright brown.  For these chromatic features, the suggestion is to not choose cold nuances, but to enhance your natural colour with brown highlights, and warm colours and red undertones.  If the choice is to change shade, the best option is to choose the undergrowth tones.
  4. OLIVE SKIN TONE this is a beauty type characterised by cold and strong colours of skin and eyes.  The best choice is to follow natural nuances or, if you want to change look, focus on strong and intense colour, from black to light brown.
  5. COOL SKIN TONE Your face emits a natural pink and ruddy pigment,with underlying blue and purple undertones and more blue than green veins on your wrist.  Your hair depending on the depth, will still have warm undertones that become exposed when lightened. An expert touch is required to neutralise unwanted warmth but still allow your hair to look natural and vibrant.

For more information or a free consultation with a colour expert at Combers on 01823 334331 I wish you a happy and colourful New Year.