OLAPLEX®, ‘The Original’…….

……has changed the world of hair colour and condition.”

ModelImage-2Hair lightening, colouring and heat-styling damage our hair. When the bonds within the hair are damaged, this affects the strength and condition of your hair.

OLAPLEX®, is different and Patented. It was the vision of Dean Christal; Dean asked the right questions. Formulated by award-winning medical scientists Craig Hawker PhD and Eric Pressly PhD. The trio created OLAPLEX®, ‘The Original’. It works at the molecular level – it helps to repair the damaged hair bonds from the inside. OLAPLEX® helps to repair broken disulphide bonds by linking them back together.

OLAPLEX® No.3 Hair Perfector – Take Me Home

No_3-3_3oz_copyWhen we use Olaplex® at Combers, Taunton’s leading hair salon and you use it at home, it enhances the way your hair colour looks, adding more bounce and vigour at the same time.

Using Olaplex® No.3 At Home

Step 1 Dampen your hair and towel-dry. Note: If your hair has product build-up, we recommend a single shampoo, then towel-dry to prepare the hair for your Olaplex® No.3 application.

Step 2 Apply 1-3 teaspoons of Olaplex® No.3 to the palm of your hand and distribute through your hair evenly; then comb through.

Step 3 Leave on for at least 10 minutes. I recommend leaving No.3 on for a minimum of 10 to 30 minutes or do what we do and leave in overnight.

Step 4 Rinse thoroughly and then use a high-quality Paraben and Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type. At Combers we use ‘Davines’ sustainable beauty,  which provide the perfect complementary range of scalp and hair solutions for us to further recommend our guests.

Use Olaplex® No 3 once a week for moderately damaged hair. For severely damaged hair, use 2-3 times per week until improvements are noticeable. Once healthy-looking hair is achieved, continue to use 1-2 times a month for maintenance.

For best results, Olaplex® No.3 should be used following a full Professional Olaplex® In-Salon Super Service. Come in for a free consultation to find out what you may be missing out on before you have your hair coloured next.

Regular use of Olaplex® No.3 Hair Perfector will help maintain stronger, healthier-looking hair. Hair cosmetic conditioners and masks offer a temporary ‘fix’ and should be used after an Olaplex® Professional Service and No 3 use at home.

High Quality Hair Colour with Olaplex®

Combers salon guests tell us that the look and feel of their hair after the Olaplex® Colour Service is simply amazing.

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