Power of Nature

As time goes by, hair, just like our skin, is subject to inevitable physiological and aesthetic changes.

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Renew hair complex… Just one regime in the NaturalTech family of hair and scalp products from Davines at Combers, Taunton’s leading hair salon and shop

But there is no need to resign to the fact that your hair is withering day by day and the good news is there are targeted solutions for every need. At Combers we look for brands that meet with our philosophy. The Family run Italian sustainable beauty brand, Davines use the most effective ingredients given to us by Mother Nature and combine it with scientific knowledge and cutting-edge raw materials to create a perfect alchemy between Nature, Man and Technology.

In one word: Naturaltech

Naturaltech is a system of treatments formulated for the prevention and solution of the most common skin and hair conditions. All products are enriched with phytoceuticals, organic compounds present in plants with a defensive and antioxidant action, which also counteract inflammation and free radicals – a true elixir for your hair from nature!  The Naturaltech product range is also versatile – used in combination with products of other Davines family ranges to offer treatment regimes for even the most complex hair solutions. 

Daviness have drawn inspiration from their skin care technology and nature to offer you a new range of products aimed at ensuring longevity and beauty for your hair and scalp.


Renewing is perfect for Women and Men with all types of scalp and hair who are becoming aware of the importance of anti-ageing prevention and want to ensure wellbeing for their hair.  Naturaltech products contain the exclusive Hair Longevity Complex and act on factors that trigger ageing mechanisms that when combined with a good lifestyle help prevent poor skin and hair conditions.

We all recognise that healthy daily steps such as improved diet, sleep patterns and physical exercise whilst using the correct recommended hair and scalp treatments will have an effect and make a difference. At Combers we realise that the catalyst for personal change often starts with one small step. This step is often a new hair style that renews your confidence and ignites a series of chain reactions that when sustained are positive for you and those around you….Making the first small step special enough for you to make a second, inspires everyone at Combers and part of our tribe mission.

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Whilst face to face recommendation is always best for your hair, we recognise the benefits of online browsing. Perhaps convenience and time pressures make topping up supplies easier. So for more information, to purchase directly or perhaps  you are just curious about how you can create a longer life for your hair.

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