Speed Date for a New Stylist

I WAS talking with a friend recently who told me she went to a speed dating evening. 

You’ve probably read about these events, or seen them on TV.

They are often held in bars or restaurants and the idea is you sit opposite someone for three minutes, ask questions and decide if you want to see them for a second time.

My friend told me there were one or two people she knew she didn’t want to see again after three seconds, never mind three minutes.

Some people might complain it’s too superficial, summing up a person in such a short time. Now, speed dating came in long after I got married so it’s not something I’ve personally tried.

But I do believe you probably know in the first three minutes whether the person you are talking to is the one for you or at least worth a second date.

Certainly, it can save a lot of time and the emotional investment that goes with the commitment of an evening out on a blind date.

I got to thinking that this concept should be adopted when you are choosing a relationship with a new hairdresser.

The emotional fallout from a bad hair experience can be far worse than that from a bad date. You can easily walk away from Mr. Dork, but you can’t stick your hair back on once it’s on the salon floor.

If you would not sleep with someone on a first date even if they are recommended, don’t have a haircut.

Nothing can compare with doing a proper road test yourself. Your friends might think they’ve found you Mr. Right. However, blind dates can so often end in disaster.

Here are my suggestions on what I’ll call ‘speed salon consultations.’ for a new stylist.

Play the field! Make appointments for a free consultation at a number of salons. Any good salon will be happy to spend at least three minutes with a client, Im sure like Combers some will give far more

If they want to charge you or rush you through the consultation, then it’s time to move on

Speed Salon Consultation Tips for your new stylist

  1. Does the stylist  give you eye contact? In any relationship this is important but If that ey contact is only through a mirror, they are distracted, chat to another stylist or not give you their full attention. Tell them your cars on a double yellow and leave.
  2. Do you get a good vibe? Are you just another customer or do they take a genuine interest in you?
  3. Do they ask about your lifestyle and hair history or just rush suggestions of what they want to do to your hair without listening to you?
  4. Don’t just look at the stylist, but also the salon. Does it look tidy and clean? Are there coffee cups stacked up on the counter?
  5. Go with your gut feeling. Just as you can sense if a person might be right for you, you can also sense if a salon has a good energy. It doesn’t matter if it has a great reputation if the staff don’t look happy, chances are nor will you?
  6. Take notes. I wouldn’t be put out if a potential client jotted down their observations. In fact, I’d think this is a sensible person who is looking to build a relationship with a salon and a stylist. I have one guest that came in recently who has her own file of likes and dislikes in the form of pictures.
  7. You won’t be embarrassed about walking away and not booking in for a haircut if your intuition tells you that you are with a dud, as you have only committed to the consultation. Most women that I have met are very intuitive and learnt to listen to how they feel, this way you make it easier for you to act on it.
  8. Does the salon seem right but you’re not impressed with the stylist? Maybe give it a second chance and come back on another day.
  9. Does the stylist seem right but the salon not impress you? Chances are the stylist will soon be on the move too and you’ll have to start again.
  10. Go through your notes and thoughts, dumping the stylists you just didn’t click with and then narrow it down to the one that really impressed you.

Match maker

If you choose to speed date at combers and you have not been recommended to a specific stylist. your first date will be booked with a director, probably me. I act as your match maker, with experience to ask smarter questions I seek to establish your needs and understand how we can best help you. I will then give you my honest opinion and recommend and match you with the most suitable stylist for your first appointment.

Just as in love, there is no secret recipe for choosing the right stylist and salon. However, with a professional recommendation or a little homework, you can save yourself a lot of grief, not to mention money.