Spring, blue sky’s, green shoots and longer days

I wake to the sound of birdsong.

Virus, What Virus?

Is it just a dream

It’s Sunday morning I think.

I don’t even know the time as I forgot to put a watch on last week and don’t miss it.

Life is different for sure, It must me a dream.

It feels like Spring, in fact I know it’s spring.

Spring, blue sky’s, green shoots and longer days

I have never been happier to Live in Taunton, Somerset, England as I gently awake to the realisation I am following instructions and doing my part to help humanity. Who would have known that doing nothing could be so important.

The animal kingdom must be saying “Has that ‘HUMAN BEING Virus finally gone”

Virus or not we live on a wonderful planet at a wonderful time. 

Some say ‘there has never been a better time to be alive’.

Perhaps they spoke too soon?

Whether you believe this or not might depend on how long your memory is and those with the longest memories are of course the most vulnerable with viruses of any kind and Covid-19 especially. Our love and thoughts are never far away from everyone suffering at this time.

Time on my hands with only my own thoughts, blue sky’s, the green shoots of renewal and the joy of longer days, I am reminded….

……The only time is now. 

The time to be grateful.

“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.”–Bernard Williams