Spring is in the Hair

The Combers Inside-Out hair consultation invites you to explore colours and hairstyles that trigger positive emotions, so we can ensure none of our salon guests are allowed to default into a look that just fits in or a look that you feel to be deemed acceptable in your social or work group, without an opportunity to review your options, attitudes and emotions to your hair colour objectively, with a professional colourist. Our colour Consultants of which I am proud to work alongside may ask you to consider ‘What if’ and test your assumptions and choices. Many of us are creatures of habit and do more to avoid what we don’t want rather than go in search of what we really do.  We, at Combers created ‘Inside – Out’ consulting and designing. It begins with a different thought and question. What If you could have a little more fun with how you wear your hair? What if your hair colour spoke your language and you loved what it was saying? At Combers Inside Out Hairdressing, we no longer categorise hair colour as blonde, brunette, auburn or red, because in 2020 we believe there is a new acceptable norm, in that more people feel empowered and confident to express who they want to be with a new personalised hair colour or tone taking centre stage.

Colours for 2020

Combers Colour consultants require a fusion of skills developed over years of  experience and with continuous education and shared team knowledge, we very rarely use just one technique. Since the inception of Combers unique colour bar in 2006 our team have always focused on perfecting personalised hair colours but in 2020 we have found a big shift in customer attitude.  No-one excepts ordinary, same same, everyone wants personalised colour from subtle multi tonal effects through to full on tone on tone traffic stopping looks.

More Bold

For the more adventurous, we take inspiration from the rich sumptuous tones I discovered at the Marrakesh spice markets. Colours are bolder, with tonal turmeric yellows to luxurious peppery paprika reds and burnt clove brunettes. Even the more daring, saffron yellow or heuchera green are not so unusual for Gen X. I discovered a deep denim blue spice which I did not taste but is defiantly on trend as a hair colour. Even my Dad, Big Si our Mentor and coach, has embraced a more subtle tone of denim in his grey hair….(so Jealous). However, he isn’t the only baby boomer leading this trend in spicing up grey hair. Bringing out your inner spice girl is not just for Millennials and Generation X and certainly not just for girls.

Come in and see me or any of our colour consultants for a free informal Inside-Out consultation.

Cameron Willetts x

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