Street Fashion…Yes even Taunton

DID you notice something different about London Fashion Week?

Audiences at the shows were almost blinded by the photographers who were taking as many photos of them as they were the models on the catwalk.

I was told several shows were late starting because the usual pit were the fashion photographers gather, was empty.

That’s because many were out on the streets taking photos of people in the streets around the shows, rather than taking pictures at the shows themselves. The buzz words going around London were “street style.”

Lo Lo London

I lost count of the number of photographers stopping people walking down the street or jumping out of taxis or off buses. For once, the focus was on real people not the models who flit from one show or one city to another.

Since London Fashion Week ended, the fashion magazines and websites have been full of images of ‘ordinary’ women who have that essential street style. I see it around Taunton and Somerset every day.

Ta Ta Taunton

It could be a shade of colour or a twist on a familiar style. It could be a cut or an old look given new life.

I find it exciting and I love it when Combers’ guest arrive at the salon in Taunton with their own unique hair style or look. They might be looking for some advice on how to maintain the style, or what product will help keep it in tip top condition.

I’ve said it before but I never tire of repeating it – that’s the value of a proper stylist, someone you know and trust. You want a stylist who goes beyond the usual pleasantries and who will take time to work with you so you have the look that suits you and your lifestyle.

So, how can you bring street style to Taunton? I’ve listed four of the hottest trends that are happening right now and which will carry you through the summer. If you are in a cul de sac when it comes to your hair, then here is my advice on how to get out of that dead end and find your own street style. Social Media is full of it, if you are looking for someone else’s street!

La La Land

Probably the hottest actress around right now is Emma Stone. Fresh from her Oscar success in La La Land, she is definitely someone with real street cred as far as street style is concerned.

thShe is currently wearing a box bob. The trademark swept fringe and the chin-length cut, has no layers and it just flows so naturally. She might have been heading to a red carpet party, but Emma could just as easily been going on the Taunton school run. She is definitely influencing hair styles around the world.

If you’d like a little La La in your lifestyle, ask your stylist for a clean, textured bob with a side fringe. Finish with a more square shape that is the same length all the way round but textured at the ends. Dry naturally and use a straightener to create loose waves.

The lovely Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks stunning with a layered lob.

If you prefer your hair a little messier and more undone, then this re-invented lob is perfect for you. Your stylist will start with a long bob that goes from shorter at the back to longer at the front. You need soft layers throughout so it moves well.

Mandy Moore was seen wearing the soft shag which remains popular after being a favourite last year. The look now is more grown-out, tousled and free. Its like Glastonbury has come early.The beautiful Bella Hadid was extremely stylish in a long and sleek cut. Many people commented on how “Cher-like” she was, even to the length falling to mid-back.

To carry this style, you need an amazing cut and that can take time. Don’t book a rush one hour if you want to achieve that sleek finished look. Blow out with a paddle brush and apply oil and lightweight gel for memory. For shine and polish, finish with a straightener and heat protectant.


This look requires more maintenance than you’d think. You’ll need regular trims every six to eight weeks to keep those ends fresh and neat.

Of course, no look at street style could be complete without the amazing Cara Delevinge who rocked a boho cut with long layers.

Cara may spend a lot of time on far-away sun-kissed shores, but she remains a real woman which is one reason why she is so popular. You really do feel you could bump into her at the local supermarket.

Cara’s style is achieved through a cut which balances thickness with length. The hair should flow well, the textured layers and longer length adding the finishing touch.

One great technique when blow-drying is to grab sections of hair and twist away from the face while applying heat. This smooths the cuticle and sets the curl while drying, creating a natural, beachy look.

I hope you can be inspired by these celebrities so you – and your stylist – can achieve a street style that is, well, right up YOUR street even if that street is in Taunton

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