Stressed out women are losing their hair in their 20’s

Your stylist is a lot like your doctor, where they lack in qualifications they win in empathy and good listening skills. However at Combers, Taunton’s leading hair salon, we understand the benefits to our guests, having our team continuously educated to be able to  offer solutions and advise as well. 


We find that you can confide in us about unusual or embarrassing issues you would not share with anyone else. As a stylist, one of the most frequent topics men and women raise with me is the taboo subject of hair loss and thinning hair.

Prince William and Wayne Rooney are just two people who have received a lot of media coverage for their lack of hair coverage while actress Lyndsay Lohan has also allegedly suffered from thinning hair.

A recent study of 2000 adults by L’Oréal Professionnel found both men and women wore clothing such as hoodies to disguise or cover up their thinning locks.

Others said they would wear a wig, three per cent used styling products to prevent the problem getting worse while nearly a sixth admitted they would rather be fat than lose their hair

Not surprisingly, given our fast-paced society, many experts point to stress as a main reason why men and women in their 20s and 30s experience hair loss or thinning. Adam Reed, a L’Oreal ambassador (and former Combers’ apprentice!) whose celebrity clients include model Sophie Dahl, agrees.

“British women are facing increasingly stressful lives as they struggle to balance work-life pressures and their hair is suffering as a result,” he explains.

“Given how prevalent hair thinning is across Britain, among both men and women, it is surprising how little awareness there is about the issue.”

It is encouraging that more men and women are fighting back over hair loss and that the hair industry is investing in innovative products with proven results. Here are my top suggestions.


This revolutionary product has quickly become our best seller. My guests love it because the Dense FX product gives an instant effect while Defi and Retaliate work their magic over time.

A breakthrough in instant thickening, Dense FX is a lightweight formula increasing hair diameter to create fullness and density. Filloxane is the mighty molecule which penetrates the hair shaft to thicken the hair protein to leave a visible fuller effect. Dense FX will also strengthen the hair fibre to prevent breakage, nourish to promote a healthy scalp. It can be used on colour and chemically treated hair.

Transformation Connections:

Perfectress Transformation Connections are innovative, all-in-one hair extensions, in which the hair and application ring are built in one streamlined design. Each Transformation Connection can then be applied to natural hair without the use of any heat, glue or weaving. The finished look is natural and beautiful.

There’s no need for glue or heat treatment.  Unlike traditional micro-ring application there is no metal to hair contact Transformation connections can be easily removed. There is no residue to wash out of hair and no need to purchase expensive removing fluid.

Unlike other types of hair extensions Transformation Connections are re-usable. If cared for properly Transformation Connections can last for a year, wearers simply have their Transformation Connections taken out and re-installed by their hairdresser every 2-3 months.  Beautiful appearance

Volumisers and Hair Pieces:

A new technique offered  in specialist salons to add volume and length are hair volumizers. These are ideal for women who do not want to wear a wig but whose hair is too thin for hair extensions.

A Volumizer is a Hair System specially made to add volume and length to thinning hair. They are made of a stretchable and self-moulding silicone base that allows the Volumizer to be worn comfortably and securely.

Natural hair is drawn through mesh like base, so that ultimately the client’s natural hair and the volumizer blend seamlessly. The volumizer is secured in place without the use of glue, heat or weaving.  Speak to your salon to check their staff are properly trained in applying this revolutionary technique.

At combers we are in training for this and hair systems specific for men so if you would like to know more about this or indeed wigs for temporary conditions, please contact me in confidence at simon@combers-old or call in.

So, there’s no need to be embarrassed any longer about thinning hair or hair loss. Talk to the friendly team at Combers, Taunton’s leading hair stylists, you may find they have a solution for you.