Summer Loving (for your Hair)

Summer Hair at Combers
SPF 25 for hair

We’ve been waiting for summer so long that it’s no wonder we throw caution to the wind and rush out to make the most of the sunshine. Even those with the presence of mind to grab the sunscreen on the way can be forgiven for not giving a single thought to protecting their hair. Until now, that is. I have some simple tips for summer hair care that will guarantee you don’t get to the end of the season with hair that looks and feels fried.


Just as the weather changes in a new season, so does your hair and its needs. Summer means you’ll be more active. Your wardrobe and make-up will be dramatically different. These factors all influence your ideal hairstyle. One that maximises your natural hair texture will limit the amount of styling you need to subject your hair to. In fact, I’d recommend a cut so that looks best when it’s not blow-dried. The climate will already strain your hair, so it’s sensible to avoid a lot of heat styling. A nourishing salon treatment will undo the ravages of winter and strengthen hair to cope with summer’s challenges. A coloured or clear gloss finish will impart a shiny, healthy glow and act as a protective barrier too.

Sun protection for coloured hair

Although hair cannot get sunburned, UVA and UVB rays can harm it. Sun damage makes the cuticle’s overlapping scales bristle, leading to lifeless, frizzy hair. When rays penetrate the inner layer strength and elasticity are compromised. Radiation also affects hair colour by breaking protein bonds and destroying pigments. Products with sunscreen do give protection, but be sure to buy yours from a reputable salon. Sadly, many manufacturers make false or misleading claims. Also be aware that leave-in conditioners, which saturate the cuticle, are more effective than products that simply coat it, like sprays. The latter do make perfect companions to carry with you for frequent touch-ups during the day though.


Salt and chlorine can make hair dry and brittle. Avoid this by rinsing your hair before swimming. This way, it won’t absorb as much water from the ocean or a chemical-laden pool. Better still, comb a deep conditioner throughout the strands and sweep your hair into a loose bun. The sun’s warmth will open the hair cuticle and help the conditioner to penetrate better. Always rinse your hair with tap water after swimming to remove salt and chemicals. Even though your tresses are fully exposed to every plunge, remember that your hair’s health begins with your scalp. A deep-cleansing pH balanced shampoo will wash harsh chemicals and dehydrating salt away from your roots.


Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible. For a smooth wave if you have curly hair, blow-dry it on a cool setting to seal the cuticle and set the curl. Or apply a light gel to damp hair; twist it into a loose bun and it dry for a tousled look. If you must use styling tools, slather a heat protectant on first. Frizz-free hairstyles like the topknot or messy chignon also don’t require heat and can easily transition into soft waves. Ponytails are popular in summer, but never tie your hair up tightly when it is wet. The hairband will prevent your hair from naturally shrinking as it dries, causing it to break.

  1. KEEP IT UP!

Consistent maintenance is always the key to beautiful hair. In the salon, nourishing treatments will boost manageability, strength and shine. I also recommend a regular trim to maintain your cut and stop split ends before they spread up the hair shaft. At home, use a deep conditioning mask at least once a week to replenish moisture. Everyday leave-in conditioners provide moisture, strength and even help to control that summer’s day frizz. If warmer weather makes your hair greasy, don’t be tempted to skip conditioning. Rather try a lighter “volumising” conditioner and avoid applying it to the roots.

And there you have it: be prepared, take care outdoors, keep up your home care routine and visit your stylist regularly – the simple recipe for beautiful hair all summer long!


If you’re still longing for that classic sun-kissed look, don’t despair. The new colour trend called Ombre has done for hair what fake tans did for skin. Ask your stylist about it!