Make up Tips from Sam Lang  – Le Spa at Combers 

New year new brows.
We all ask ourselves what do we do this season.
How do I achieve the perfect brow?
What suits me?
If this is the case then this may help.

The brows shape your face and make much more of a difference than we give them credit for.

Measure Up.
Rest an eyebrow comb vertically from the corner of your nostril to the bridge of your nose.
The brow should start from the top of the comb.Place the comb from the corner of the nostril to the outside corner of the eye,this is where the brow should end.

Beauty musts
Lash curlers for that wide eyed look
Concealer for all those imperfections
Mascara to lift and brighten and lengthen those beautiful eyes

There are four basic makeup combinations
Light eyes,light lips : this is the natural look
Light eyes,dark lips : this look is all about the lips go bold and colour with maybe a shade of red
Dark eyes, dark lips : this look is very strong for those who like to make a statement
Dark eyes, light lips : this is the most common makeup look and is all round sophisticated its all about the eyes

My top tips for any good makeup look are :
The right tools,the right brushes will make all the difference to the final look
A good concealer, give urself that flawless base to add ur pallet of colour to ,concealer will lighten and brighten all of those imperfections
Shape those unruley brows, they will quite honestly shape the face
Mascara mascara mascara it’s all about those beautiful eyes and if u don’t have the time to apply a full makeup mascara will lengthen and open the eyes

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