Take a closer look at what’s inside typical beauty products – the facts get pretty ugly.  From harsh chemicals that pose health risks to the prevalence of petroleum-derived ingredients, you might be surprised to learn that what’s inside all those bottles and tubes is ruining the planet. 


Many antibacterial products contain the germ-killing chemical Triclosan, a hormone disruptor that is beginning to build up in our oceans.  In fact, a 2009 study tested bottlenose dolphins off the coast of South Carolina and found the substance in one-third of the animals’ blood.  Triclosan also kills algae, the first link in the marine food chain.  Plain old soap and water should do the trick, but if you want extra germ-fighting power, look for natural and organic products that rely on essential oils, or botanicals such as thyme or pine.

We are living in the Anthropocene, an era when human activities and the exploitation of natural resources are having a significant global impact on our planet’s delicate balance, depriving the Earth of the resilience needed to self-regulate.

The use of fossil fuels, climate change, the ozone hole, the oceans acidification, the extinction of biodiversity and atmospheric pollution are the main causes of an irreversible change, all of us need to have the will to make a change.

We need to accept this challenge with passion, ingenuity and far-sightedness to stir and modify our choices, with the objective to preserve our planet through a circular economy.

This new model is centered on ethical and sustainable development, and like a circle – with no beginning and no end – is capable of re-generating, guaranteeing a future for the generations to come.

As we embrace this commitment and attempt to combine the business successes with a reduction of our environmental impact, we want to set course by spreading awareness and engaging more and more businesses and individuals in the effort to maximize the positive impact on the world around us.

Our commitment is to take another step forward, meant not as a finish line but rather as a new start.  In this spirit, we prepared our First Sustainability Report: from now on an annual report that presents the sustainability projects we accomplished and identifies measurable objectives, our guide on a rewarding as well as demanding path. 

Among the future objectives, there is the Benefit Corporation, o B Corp. certification.  We aspire to become a new type of company, we want to redefine the concept of entrepreneurial success by sustaining a better and more responsible way of doing business with the objective of transforming the company into a positive and regenerating power for the communities in which it operates, for society and the Planet.

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