Twelve days of Christmas hair

Hold on to your hairdryer, we are about to enter one of the busiest times of the year for any salon – Christmas and New Year. 

There are the office parties, school parties, family parties and pop-round-to-the-neighbours’ parties.

In fact, break out the eggnog and dust off the Bing Crosby CD, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year to have a party for any reason.

Up and down the country, salons and stylists are working overtime to get that perfect hair style for their clients – or at least, they should.

There is so much happening, I thought that I could talk about some of the main points for festive hair with the help of one of my favourites festive songs.


On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree.

Did you know the partridge doesn’t migrate, preferring to stay in one place and is strictly a ground bird?  When it comes to hair styles, are you the sort of person who, like a partridge, plays safe? Do you have the same style you had last year or ten years ago? Do you look at magazines and wish you had the courage to try something new?

Well, don’t jump in at the deep end or, like the partridge, you could end up feeling dizzy at high altitudes. If you really want a new look, make an appointment with your stylist to talk about the celebs or styles you like and between you both, find the one that makes you fly.

Two turtle doves:

The dainty turtle dove is in decline and on the RSPBs red list of conservation concern. Its gentle purr is an evocative sound of summer but harsh winters have taken their toll. Maybe your hair made you the belle of the beach this summer. However, the harsher winter climate is ravishing your lovely locks. Now is the time to talk produce and hair care.

Three French hens:

The French are recognised as leaders in fashion abd beauty. Think Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Christian Dior. Keep an eye on what is happening in hair care in France before it comes to the UK. We can all learn from the French flair, sophistication and a certain, je ne sais pas.

Four calling birds:

The calling bird is actually the blackbird. Sleek and elegant with a bright orange beak – and that’s the male blackbird. The female is often brown with spots and streaks on their breasts. I’ll say no more, except if your hair is looking as limp as a blackbird on Boxing Day, then get to the salon immediately.

Five gold rings:

If you can’t glow at Christmas or New Year, when can you? Everyone has a fantasy style for that festive party. Take the chance to shine this year with a knock-out style that turns heads when you walk in the room. Be inspired by the red carpet and make this YOUR season to shine.

Six geese a-laying:

Everyone knows geese gaggle – so should you. Please, that’s not an insult. I mean, if you see someone with great hair, ask them where they go to get it. Tell friends if you have a great – or terrible – salon experience. Learn from others and save someone from going to a dodgy stylist.

Seven swans a-swimming:

Did you know swans mate for life? I have clients who have been coming to see me for so long they remember when I wore a bad perm! I also have staff who started at Combers as a junior and are now expert colourists and directors. When you find a good salon, hold on tight.


Eight maids a-milking:

Wash your hair in milk and sea-water; dry it next to a radiator or use a tea-bag to give thin hair volume. I’ve heard all these and other Christmas Crackers over the years. Before you follow the latest fad, check with your stylist. After all, celebs can afford a £1000 stylist to fix mistakes but you have to go to work on Monday morning.

Nine ladies dancing:

….and not a hair out of place. Christmas is a great time for accessories which don’t have to cost the earth. There’s such a great range out there or perhaps you have something vintage, maybe a clip your grandmother wore. Ask your stylist how you can use accessories to compliment your look.

Ten Lords a-leaping:

Let’s not forget that guys can look sharp at this time of year too. If your man hasn’t been to a salon since Santa was just knee-high to Rudolph, this is your chance to bring him in for an MOT.  We will treat his gently, even talk about football and guide him to a style that really can be the present that lasts throughout the year.

Eleven pipers piping:

If you follow my advice, then when the piper plays in the New Year, you might be the only person still looking gorgeous, even if you’ve had one too many glasses of champagne..

Twelve drummers drumming:

Be loud. Christmas is one time when you use warm colour tones like chocolate, auburn, gold and even silver. Its party season and there’s no room for wallflowers

I hope this helps and all that’s left for me to say is Merry Christmas from all of us at Combers and to all a good night!

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