What Is Sexy Hair?

If you read my blog published in last months LE you could be forgiven for thinking I have sex on the brain, however if you are reading this it must prove  the adage that ‘sex sells’ must be correct, which is my defence. Does everyone want sexy hair?  I see it promised in magazine after magazine, but I have never seen or heard anyone really quantify it?

Perhaps it is not quantifiable, as perceptions of what is sexy will vary from person to person. Perhaps no writer wants to run the risk of offending those who have hair that does not conform to sexiness.

I, like most experienced hair consultants are expected to give honest advice, it is what sets us apart from the instant crowd pleasing hairdresser that just wants to say Yes!. Therefore in every consultation we potentially run the risk of offending with our opinion. This opinion is, or should be, objective, constructive and measured as it is from somebody who does not carry any preconceived ideas about you. It is a given that all of our guests want to come out of our salon looking and feeling good about themselves but the implicit  message can be ‘I want to feel  attractive ….. I want to feel sexy!’

Frequently, pretty is confused with sexy. I have known plenty of pretty people with the sex appeal of a bacteria infested sponge, and I have known plain and even what our media may class as ‘not classically attractive’  who ooze sex appeal with their every gesture.

Indeed I would argue that there is no ultimately sexy hairstyle any more than the car you drive or perfume you ware.

Yet I do believe that a sexy hairstyle can be the icing on the cake so long as the cake itself has some real substance.

So what is this substance and can we bottle it?

I believe it is confidence which of course a great hairstyle, great colour and fabulous conditioned hair well boost. The universal sex appeal is the confidence we exude culminating in style, posture, body language, communication and the way move baby!  Over confidence, I would suggest is not so sexy and fuelled by ego, insecurity and sometimes drink or drugs.

A sexy hairstyle will:

  1. Be a simple clean cut with clean lines. Understated elegance.  Think Kate, Duchesse of Cambridge, not Katie Price. Their two wedding dresses and hair could not have been more different. Both exude a different type of confidence.
  2. Be age appropriate. Tell your partner you’ll wear your hair long again when he can produce his teenage stomach and biceps. Seriously you can where your hair long as long as the shaping and design supports your face.
  3. Be ethnically appropriate. Every culture has its jewels and gems, so why try to usurp someone else’s heritage. It usually looks gauche anyway.
  4. Be revealing. Don’t hide behind your hair. Open it up, Show the world who and what you are. Find a good hair colour consultant and go for a change.
  5. Be touchable. If your hair is touchable it makes you appear more approachable. It’s the way you ware your hair that gives it uniqueness, not looking as though you’ve trued too hard even if you have. Hair that you can run your fingers through is sexy so watch out for using the too much of the wrong products. A hair style, not a hair doo!
  1. Be proportionate to you face and body structure. A good hair consultant will, knows the rules and maths of proportionate cutting, drawing the eye to your best feature and away from your least flattering feature.
  2. Be complimented by more than one make-up style. I must confess I have never worn make-up but I work with some talented make-up artists and they assure me that many people get into a rut without realising it. It is so easy to get ‘your look’ that is often created years back and then feel that changing your colours every season is enough. It’s the painter not the paint that makes the difference. What about a revamp, get a new look, one that works for you NOW. Why not get two or three variations so you have the confidence to vamp up or down depending on your out- fit, occasion and fashion. Of course your new hairstyle and colour will have an impact as well!! Visit with a salon make-up professional to get real advice. They tell me that 1 ½ hours twice a year will keep you on trend and arm you with new application ideas, so you can apply and wear with a confidence.