Spring Hair Advice

Summer sun makes you feel really happy, but it can spell disaster for your hair. Sunlight contains ultra-violet and heat rays. Ultra-violet is good for you in small doses, but, too much can not only dry your skin, but your hair as well. The sun’s rays also bleach your hair. Lovely, providing you don’t go too far and end up with damage. If your hair is tinted, watch out, the bleaching effect of sunlight can drastically change the colour and cause excessive dryness.

One of the best ways of keeping your hair in good condition whilst you’re lazing on a beach is to protect it with your conditioning treatment. Use your conditioner or the heat styling lotion you use for blow-drying and tonging. Comb it through wet, clean hair in the morning and slick your hair out of the way all day. When you return from the beach, shampoo out, use your conditioner or a little sculpting lotion and dry – your hair will look fabulous. Always try to rinse your hair after you’ve been swimming, salt or chlorinated water is very drying.

Take your own shampoo, conditioner and hair cosmetics if you’re going abroad. You’re going to need the specific brand that you’re used to more than ever. Remember the products you buy tend to be of the luxury type.

It is always a good idea to have a good cut before you go away too. Visit your hairdresser before departure and have a style that’s really you, possibly one that’s simple and easy for you to manage.