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Alex Kelly

Independent Operator

I am one of those people that love to get things right, a detail person, maybe annoying to people that live with me but my guests seem to approve. I guess that is why I am a good listener and like to fully understand the brief before I give my honest opinion. I am honest as well as that is the way I like to be treated.

I have been a part of the Combers team since 1999. I was an apprentice here and have since got married and started my own family. I was keen on horse riding when I was younger and now I sit out and walk my black Lab, while my children learn. I also take my children swimming and we bake together (especially cakes). I would love to get back into more sport myself, but who’s got time for that with a young family and a career that is my full time hobby.

Now I am back working full time, I have chosen to be a Combers’ Independent Stylist, but choose to work with the team as they inspire me. I specialise in precision cutting, which seems a dying art now, with so many hairdressers chipping into hair left right and centre. I believe my character is perfect for a colourist as my precise applications go hand in glove with my cuts.

A great cut looks even better when colour is used to accentuate movement or texture, or define the shape and bring out shine. You can’t have a cup of tea without a biscuit; it’s the same with a cut and colour. I passed my degree colouring course so I guess you can say I’m an expert, but I am still learning and growing, which I love.



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