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Cameron Willetts


Cameron Willetts, Director of Combers Outside - In Academy having earned his stripes as an apprentice, is now working alongside his Mum and Dad at Inside-Out.

Cam is a teaching our apprentices in our Academy along with Vicki from Exeter College . he is taking his level 4 in Coaching and Accessing at Exeter College himself along with advanced cutting courses and specialist colouring courses in London.

Much of 2019 saw Cameron being mentored by Adam Reed and assisting him on Fashion shoots, London Fashion week, X factor and GHD events. Cameron explains it this way, “Increasing my exposure to new thinking and diverse ideas and inspiration is important to me as my intention is to artistically lead, motivate, inspire, teach and influence hairdressers myself, sharing in the same way others have with me.”

2020 started very well for Cameron being mentored in Italy for 5 days, by North America’s Colourist of the Year, Roch Lemay, from Montreal. This was a week for invited Master Colourists from USA, Canada and Germany, to learn from a colour genius, so for Cameron to be mentored in this esteemed company was an honour.

He has already been invited to work in the US and working on a Combers’ international exchange programme with several salons.

Cam said “this is the highlight of my career so far. I was encouraged to reflect on my working skills from inside out, which are coincidently the Combers’ way, hence our unique brand of ‘Inside Out Hairdressing”.

This unique opportunity took place in the Davines Sustainable Village in Parma, Italy, where Davines Scientists also shared their knowledge and skills. This experience has enabled Cam to master any hair colouring challenge he may encounter and enhance his expertise as a Master Colourist. “What I have learnt in just five days is as remarkable as it was unique. A completely new approach that even I could not have imagined, and cannot wait to share with our team and my guests”.

“ I now have the knowledge and skill to match my energy, having developed my own unique colour signature and bespoke hair cutting style for my guest. This and an insatiable thirst for more knowledge, working with a beautiful team who support each other inside and out, working in the best salon in the South West, I am certainly enjoying life”

2021 Cameron succeeded in winning himself a place on the 'Clubstar' Team for the presigious Hair Fellowship of Great Britain. Just one of 8 members he has had a year of mentoring from the best in the business once a month culminating in a finale fashion show and photo shoot.

End of 2021 for 2022 He is applied and was accepted on the Project X team for the Fellowship which is next level up and is working with a new team and with even more exiting mentors building on his ever increasing skills and talent. After the first Month he was invited to work on New York Fashion week which he was pleased to accept.....Learning new ideas and being able to bring them back to Taunton and share with his team mates and his guests behind the chair, and practicing the art of difference making, is what makes Cameron tick......"2022 is shaping up to be the best year yet. "

When I am not in the salon, working on location, photoshoots or learning hairdressing, it is important for me to balance my life with fitness as it helps my mind and body to be more resilient. I have found ‘Crossfit’ works best for me and get up at 5.30 am every week day to partake in the 6am workout at the ‘Box’ in Wellington. I started this with my Dad in the summer of 2018, so we don’t just work together but work out together too!…So safe to say we are the best of friends. I also find time to work on my voice with a voice coach as singing is another passion that I first discovered at Taunton School, which I attended through to sixth form. I trust I will not have to ever sing for my supper, but it certainly fits the Combers Inside Out philosophy, as the more ways I can make a difference to someone else, the better I feel.

I look forward to seeing you soon……Call in for a free consultation and I promise I won’t sing to you….In fact I will be asking you my ‘Inside Out’ questions to get to know you far more and doing most of the listening.



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