Carnival Hair 4 Kids


 Expert hairstyle tips for children at Bridgwater Carnival Season


We present some hairstyles for Children to get them in the spirit for this years Bridgwater Carnival Season.  The largest Carnival in Europe  kicks off  on Saturday 4th of November.

The Bridwater carnival  is a spectacle of lights, music, and dance. While the Carnival Queen undoubtedly shines in the spotlight, remember: you don't have to be the Carnival Queen to have fabulous hair! At Combers Inside-Out Hairdressers, we aim to inspire families to  embrace the carnival spirit so we have created some simple show-stopping hairstyles for your Children to wear.

You can find out more information about the Bridgwater Carnival click HERE

Bridgwater Carnival Hairstyles for Children


1. Winter Wonderland Waves

Embrace the winter theme by styling your hair in loose, icy waves. Add a touch of silver or blue temporary hair colour spray for that frosty finish. Pair it with snowflake hairpins or clips for a magical look.2. Somerset Braided Crown


2. Bridgwater Braided Crown

Paying homage to Bridgwater's rich heritage, opt for a braided crown. Incorporate ribbons in the braids that reflect the carnival's colours. This style is not only elegant but also keeps your childrens hair neatly tucked away as you enjoy the festivities.


3. Glittery Snowfall

Nothing says winter like a sprinkle of snow. Add a carnival twist by applying Children hair-safe glitter to your locks. Whether you choose silver, gold, or multi-coloured glitter, you're sure to shimmer under the carnival lights.


4. Festive Hair Accessories

From jingle bell hair ties to starry hairpins, festive accessories are a simple yet effective way to get into the Bridwater carnival season spirit. They add a touch of playfulness and are perfect for all hair lengths.


5. The Classic Hair-up with a Twist

For a sophisticated look, go for a classic hair-up but add a Bridgwater carnival season twist. Intertwine fairy lights into your bun or chignon, ensuring they're battery-operated and safe for hair use. As you move, you'll light up the carnival night!


Hair Care Tips for the Bridwater Winter Season :

Moisturise: Winter can be harsh on your hair. Ensure you moisturise your locks with a good conditioner or hair oil to prevent dryness and breakage.

Protect from the Cold: If you're spending long hours outdoors, consider wearing a stylish hat or head-wrap to protect your hair from the cold winds.

Post-Carnival Care: After the celebrations, treat your hair to a nourishing mask or deep conditioning treatment to rejuvenate it.

The Bridgwater winter carnival season is a time for everyone to shine, regardless of titles or crowns. With the right hairstyle, you can feel like carnival royalty. At Combers Inside-Out Hairdressers, we're dedicated to ensuring you,  your children and families hair looks its best at all times not just at this years Bridgwater Carnival. So, book an appointment with us, and let's make every strand count!

Visit Combers Inside-Out Hairdressers for expert consultations and treatments. Because every carnival-goer deserves fabulous hair!