Combers Hairdressing

What is Good Service?

By Simon   |   17th August 2019

When booking a holiday, restaurant or purchasing a product online most of us look at customer reviews to guide us. The wisdom of the crowd or the diversity prediction theorem is taken very seriously, or at least should be, if running a service business. 

There are many good service reviews on sites, but sadly far more bad or indifferent ones.

Good service is not clearly defined and can be subjective but it seems we can all talk for hours about what constitutes as bad service.

Growing a business and people for 37 years or just surviving for that long, you might imagine that I know a thing or two about good service. In hairdressing, I certainly know what it is but to have a team of 30 people deliver consistently it requires far more thought and endeavour.

The reason for this is that good, or for us, ‘excellent service’ is the consequence or outcome of a champion team. Writing a job description and just expecting good results is madness.

The old adage of happy team, happy customers should never be ignored. My job is focusing on our people, their goals and ambitions, the environment they work in and carefully selecting what minds share this very special space we call Combers, including what companies we partner with. Creating a safe inspiring space where people look forward to coming every day and sharing time, laughing and learning is not a mistake ….Sure I give direction and coaching but have you ever tried coaching an unhappy person with little or no self-esteem?

I read a quote recently from Jürgen Klopp, the inspirational Liverpool FC coach. When asked why he was not buying in new big name players for the start of the 2019/20 season, He said “Success is building a champion team, not a team of champions.”

In our champion team, they make a difference to each other, a champion team that guide and help each other with professional and personal words of wisdom and a listening ear. A champion team who care for each other, a champion team made up of long standing members none of whom feel or expect to be treated any different to each other. A champion team helps shape the culture allowing new carefully selected young apprentices to feel welcome, grow and express themselves and feel part of something bigger than them.

In teams everyone needs to be inspired and explore their limits which of course are often self-made. So we discuss dreams, ambition and fears. Finding mentors and breaking down fears and self-imposed limits together is easier in a champion team. Moving in the same direction with shared values we can support and encourage each other on the journey even if each of our end destinations varies. When everyone in a team can win and find fulfilment and happiness … does the customer. 

Comber’s job description is very simple and concise….. “Master the art of Difference – Making” and you will not only secure your financial future, but enjoy it. We might not be able to define excellent service, but when we experience it, we can be sure it’s not happened by chance.