More about INSIDE-OUT

After 36 Years as Combers we evolved to Combers Inside Out Hairdressing. Whilst most of our regular guests won’t notice our evolving culture, or necessarily care as long as our service and standards of hairdressing remain high. As founder and salon Coach I don’t feel it is right to say we are not just another salon without explaining why….

Many think the mind works like a camera, accurately recording what’s really going on around it, but in actuality, the mind works more like a projector, so that a 5 to 15 minute consultation EVERY visit is important so we can listen and feel what you are saying.  Only then can we design a hair style for you that reflects you from the inside out.

We believe that a hairstyle that projects you from this perspective is more authentic and sustainable. Creating any hairstyle however good is outside-in designing. Yes it can change the way you feel temporarily but it will never truly satisfy, because there is always something missing….the real you.

But Why….

At Combers in-side out and now at Combers Out-side in Academy we know it is important to continually educate and evolve as humans. Hairdressing is what we do; it should never define or limit us.

Claiming NOT to be just another salon is not just another cute marketing soundbite. It is a commitment to make a paradigm shift in thinking if you want to work with Combers and master the art of difference making.  Striving to be not just another human is not a company or personal goal for those that truly get this; it’s a lifetime’s work. My late son who passed aged 18 and still lives in my memory and continues to inspire my work and inner wisdom would correct me, I am sure, to….many lifetimes.

With stress, anxiety, doubts and fears, now part of everyone’s experience it is the function of a responsible company to recognise and provide support, nurture and encouragement for those committed and determined to grow and evolve.  Seeking to find ways to navigate our super-fast paced world of change is easier through sharing experiences, strengths, and different perspectives alongside compassion and understanding.

In the beauty business, as with most public spaces we try and provide and project beauty from outside in. We at Combers Inside out feel our salon space is very different and a beautiful place to work, but important to remember this is just outside in stuff. Yes it can make everyone that works and visits feel good inside, but for Combers inside-out to begin to make a difference, this requires our people to be encouraged to think differently.

 Understanding  that experience does not come at us from outside in but through us from the inside out should be empowering, but it seems many feel better if they have someone else to blame .

The more we understand where our experience is coming from, the less frightened we should be of that experience and the more we should embrace it. In turn we can be more constructive to the guests that choose Combers and ensure the experience they are creating is the one we intended.

Inside-Out Consultation.

Every feeling we experience is the shadow of a thought, not a reflection of the world

around us. We all live in the feeling of our thinking, which is why a consultation is important. We ask key questions and listen and observe expressed feelings and described experiences when our guests speak about their hair. Knowing that feelings and experience come from thought we seek to impart some thoughts of our own, thoughts that help change the way our guests feel and elicit confidence in our ability to fulfil their expectations. Then throughout the guest journey we offer more thoughts, tips, ideas, advice, and explanation to disperse those old shadowy thoughts that caused the negative experience, shining a bright light on new thinking for guests to create new experiences and better feelings.

Many years in hairdressing speaking and helping guests with their hair has led me to observe our deepest fear may be that there is something wrong with us and we’re not enough. ….That until we achieve sufficient levels of beauty, spiritual wealth and material success, or both, we won’t be worthy of love and without something tangible to show for it, we have a wasted life. I can only conclude from my own personal shifts in perspective that we could no sooner be ‘not enough’ than a tree could be the wrong colour. We don’t have to become worthy of love, because love is what we are made of.

Cutting and colouring your hair to reflect you from inside-out and bringing out your best is what we do…. Mastering the art of difference making, we can only aspire.   

Simon Willetts.

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time….TS Eliot.

We’re only ever one new thought away from a completely new experience of being alive….The inside out revolution by Michael Neill is a book that we sell in our salon and has given me much inspiration. I would recommend to anyone, especially to those who have bothered to get to the end of this page.