Ageless Beauty of Long Hair

Embracing Ageless Beauty: A Hairdresser's Perspective on Long HairAs seasoned hairdressers, we firmly believe that age should never dictate your hairstyle. Long locks can exude youthfulness, confidence, and femininity. In this blog, we’ll discuss embracing the ageless beauty of long hair by exploring from a hairdresser's perspective the transformative power of hair. Plus we will provide expert advice on choosing the perfect hairstyle for you.

Consultation: Expressing Your Unique Self

Always prioritise a thorough consultation, even if you're a regular visitor. We need to see you as you are, without a gown concealing your style. Your hair speaks volumes about your personality and aspirations. If a stylist suggests repeating the past, it may be time for a change.

Timeless vs. Time Warp: Adapting to Change

Holding onto the same haircut for too long can leave you stuck in a bygone era. Let your hair evolve with you, reflecting your current journey and vibrancy. 

Key Considerations at Your Hair Consultation

Holding on to long hairFace Shape:

Discover your true face shape and styles that complement it.

Body Shape:

Your haircut should harmonise with your physique, accentuating your best features.


Skilled cutting can emphasise or downplay facial features, creating a harmonious look.

Head Shape:

Understanding the contours of your head ensures a balanced, flattering cut.


Your style should suit your lifestyle, offering both practicality and versatility. 

Time for a tweak or a change?

Are you embracing the ageless beauty of long hair or are you caught up in a time warp and your hair aging you 

Salon Environment:

A Haven of Professionalism. While salons can sometimes be intimidating, our team at Combers Inside-Out is dedicated to excellence. We're committed to making you not just satisfied, but thrilled with your new look.

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