Salon Saturday Jobs

Come & Join The Combers Inside Out 14-16 Club! 


Your First Step Towards Becoming A Hairdressing Apprentice

Are you eager to get inside a hair salon and start building your hairdressing experience? Is your long-term goal to have a successful career in hairdressing?

Yes? Then we have a great opportunity for you at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing Salon in Taunton!

Come and work with us for 4 hours on a Saturday & receive Club 14-16 training after school one day per week. This would give you an invaluable head start in the industry should you be considering a hairdressing apprenticeship once you turn 16.

✔ Gain a head start in your hairdressing career
✔ Hit the ground running to success
✔ Progress faster through your hairdressing apprenticeship
✔ Build confidence within the hairdressing world
✔ Work on your communication skills

We'll give you SUPPORT, LOVE & APPRECIATION. We'll help you to HAVE FUN.  We'll INSPIRE YOU and introduce you to a GOOD WORK-LIFE BALANCE. Get in touch to see if hairdressing is the PERFECT career for you!

Email or call 01823 334331.