Our Academy Graduates

Congratulations To Our Hairdressing Apprentices at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing Salon, Taunton

Combers Outside-In Hairdressing Academy was established in 2018 and our first two graduates Amelia Tooze and Olivia McFarlane have completed their final Level 2 NVQ exams in Hairdressing to qualify as hairdressers with distinction.

Four started in this class. Not everyone makes it through and meets the standards we have set out for a Combers NVQ Level 2. This makes their achievement all the more outstanding. It takes commitment, discipline, teamwork a willingness to listen and learn. Accepting the early challenge to take the road less traveled, the one that sets you apart from the crowd is never the easy option. 

Hairdressing apprenticeships in Somerset at Combers Academy Taunton

Amelia and Olivia are now Combers’ Graduates as their foundation skills in hairdressing meet the international standards we set. This gives them an opportunity to be considered for the Outside-In Academy and offer full-service hairdressing every day.

It is here they will continue to gain valuable experience in the art of difference-making. This and while learning new more complex hairdressing skills and honing existing ones further as they work towards the Combers NVQ Level 3 advanced qualification. This opens up the opportunity to become a Combers Inside-Out hairdresser in our main salon, or be seriously considered for a career in hairdressing whereever they choose.

Become A Hairdressing Apprentice at Combers Inside-Out Salon in Taunton

Combers have built their success on developing 95% of their hairdressers from school leavers who have taken a Combers Apprenticeship. However in 2018 we raised our game further to compete for the attention of school leavers and parents to look beyond the normal academic pathway from school to college.

We opened an academy to develop and fast-track young people who have the desire and the potential to be an elite hairdresser. A hairdresser who has ambition and courage and a willingness to develop the confidence to measure their skills and abilities against the best in our industry nationally and internationally. 

Just as football clubs bring players through their academy system, so too do we want to nurture the best talent for the future. Yes, it takes investment, patience and love, but salons that keep their prices artificially low and can’t afford to employ and educate apprentices are missing an opportunity. An opportunity to develop the hairdressing talent of the future and evolve their business and community.

Building a fulfilling life with more opportunities is more rewarding and more likely if you spend most of your day doing what you love and making a difference to someone else’s life.